Item - Voice Capture

Item Resource - Voice Capture

The voice capture question type requires the candidate to record their answer for the recording to be human marked later. This is a very common question type in language testing. An example of how this will be displayed to the candidate in delivery is as follows:

To build a POST request to the item resource, the body should include any top level property required on the item (further information about these properties can be found on the item resource help page), this would then be followed by the question type collection. The collection required for voice capture questions, including the mandatory minimum properties is as follows:

"voiceCaptureQuestions": [

This collection would include all of the question specific properties required. The table below identifies all of these properties including its name, type, description, default value and if it is mandatory in a request. We have also provided sample requests for the GET/{id} methods in XML and JSON format:

GET/{id} - Item - Voice Capture - JSON Example
GET/{id} - Item - Voice Capture - XML Example
Property Name Type Description Default Value
Mandatory for Create
timeLength Int The maximum amount of recording time available on a question in seconds.
Maximum value 300 seconds (5 minutes)
30 seconds

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