About the Script Review Screen

About: The 'Script Review' screen offers the ability to manage individual candidate scripts and run reports on certain data related to the scripts displayed here. This screen gives a holistic overview of all exam scripts, regardless of their marking status within SecureMarker. This article will detail the functionality available to you on this screen. 

Filter Scripts

The 'Script Review' screen contains a table with all exam scripts and information about them displayed in the relevant columns. Scripts are displayed with the newest script at the top of the list, and all scripts except those with the 'Result Confirmed and Archived' status will be displayed in the table by default. These scripts can be revealed by using the filter in the 'Status' column.

Scripts can be at any of the following statuses:


Marking Not Yet Started The script has been imported into SecureMarker, but none of its items have been marked yet.
Marking in Progress At least one of the items belonging to the script has had a confirmed mark assigned to it but there are items remaining that still require marking.
Marking Complete Exam scripts move into this state once they have been full marked, i.e. all of the items in them that require marking have been marked.

If a script at this status requires re-marking, it will be pushed back to either the 'Marking Not Yet Started' or 'Marking in Progress' status, depending on whether it is the whole script or some of the items that need re-marking.
Result Pending An exam script at this status has been preliminarily released from SecureMarker into Surpass. In Surpass, the result will be stored as 'Pending'.
Result Confirmed and Archived Once a script moves to this status, then it can no longer be edited in SecureMarker, and the overall script result is confirmed.

An export to Surpass is triggered when an exam script moves to this status, which will flag the result as confirmed in Surpass to reflect the new 'Confirmed' status.

Any re-marking required after the script has moved into this status must be done in Surpass, at the exam script level, using the standard re-marking process.

Scripts at this status are not shown in the table by default. Users will need to use the filter in the 'Status' column to reveal scripts at this status.
Marking Complete In the unlikely event that a script fails to export to Surpass, it will acquire this state.

You can find a particular script by filtering the exams using the information in the columns in the table. Select the downward-pointing arrow on the column heading to access the filtering options. You also have the option to search for a particular script using the search bar. You can search by candidate name, candidate reference number, centre name and centre code.

VIP Mode

VIP Mode allows you to set a flag on exams that are prominent for a particular reason and require more urgent attention than other exam scripts. You can toggle VIP Mode on or off for individual scripts using the button on the 'Script Review' screen.

If a script has VIP mode switched on, then responses from this script will be prioritised for marking and be presented to examiners first when they mark their quota. A tick will be displayed in the VIP Mode column for exam scripts in this mode.

Review Scripts

Select this button to review the candidate's complete exam script, together with any marks or annotations that have been applied. In the 'Review' screen, you can navigate between each candidate response, download a mark scheme if one has been attached, and view the marking history for the item. You can access all items within the exam script using the menu, from which you can also view the mark for each item and the total mark for the script.

You will also be able to view any files that have been attached to a question by either the item author or the candidate by selecting the same button used by the candidate in delivery to either download or upload the file.

Export Item Marks
Script Review allows you to get item-level data out of SecureMarker in order to analyse performance by candidates against all items in a test and against different criteria. Information from one script at a time can be retrieved and is provided as a CSV file. All tests can have their data retrieved in this way, even if they don’t contain criteria-level marking.

To export information from a script, select it in Script Review and click the “Export Item Marks” button. You will be prompted to select a location to download the CSV to. Choose this location and confirm it. The file will then be downloaded. Each downloaded CSV is prefixed with the keycode of the test.


For more information about moderation, please see the article 'How to Moderate a Script'.

Confirm Result

From this screen, you can also confirm a candidate's result. See the article 'How to Confirm a Candidate's Result' for more information.

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