How to Use Marked Learning Outcomes

Marked Learning Outcomes enable markers to assign different marks to distinct areas for a given item. For instance, some Marked Learning Outcomes for an Essay question might be 'Spelling', 'Grammar', 'Punctuation', 'Vocabulary', etc. This article explains how to add Marked Learning Outcomes to an item and how this affects marking and results.

Step 1: Create your tags

In the subject screen of 'Item Authoring', select the item you want to add Marked Learning Outcomes to. Go to the 'Edit item settings and tags' area of the item's 'Edit' screen and select the 'Learning Outcomes' tag group. Here, you can add predefined tags to your item or create new tags, depending on both the setup of the subject and your user account's permissions.

Note: Marked Learning Outcomes can only be assigned to human-marked questions. You can assign up to 10 Marked Learning Outcomes per item.

Step 2: Assign Marked Learning Outcomes

Once you have added the required tags, check 'Add Marked Learning Outcomes'. Entry fields will appear next to each tag for you to input the maximum mark to be associated with that Learning Outcome.

A mark must be assigned to every Marked Learning Outcome.

Step 3: Save changes

Select 'Save Changes' when you have finished. The Marked Learning Outcome tags and their assigned marks can be found in a collapsible list underneath the 'Learning Outcomes' tag group in the 'Edit item settings and tags' area. The Marked Learning Outcomes' marks will combine to populate the 'Mark' box for the item at the top of the screen. You cannot edit this number directly. Instead, you must amend the marks assigned to Marked Learning Outcomes.

To delete Marked Learning Outcomes, deselect the 'Add Marked Learning Outcomes' checkbox in the 'Edit Learning Outcomes' window. The marks will disappear, but the Learning Outcome tags will remain. You will then be able to edit the item's total mark at the top of the 'Edit' screen as normal.

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