How to Create Sample Items and Add them to a Test

About: Sample Items are a useful way for candidates to practise interacting with question types before they begin their test. They can be added to the introduction section of a test, so they will appear in delivery before candidates choose to begin their tests, but hold no marks. This article will detail how to create sample items and add them to a test. 

Step 1: Create or select your item 

Sample items can be created using any item within Item Authoring, except information pages. First, select or create the item you would like to use as a sample item and go to 'Edit item settings and tags'. 

Under the item purpose section, select the 'Edit Settings' button. 

Change the item purpose to 'Sample Item' and save your changes. 

Step 2: Adding Sample Items to a Test

To add sample items to your test form, select the Introduction section and then 'Add'. You can search and select any introduction pages or sample items available for your test form.

When you add items to the introduction section they will appear in the section entitled 'Intro page 1', 'Intro page 2' etc.; they will not display the item name given in Item Authoring. Therefore, to avoid confusion when constructing a test, it is best practice to add any introduction/information pages first and then to add sample items. This allows you to explain to the candidate how to interact with the sample items.

Note: You cannot add sample items into a test using the Test Wizard. 

Step 3: Sample Items in Delivery

In delivery, sample items will appear as any other item during the test, although they hold no marks and will not count towards candidates' overall result. Candidates can interact with sample items and then begin their test when they choose. 

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