How to Change an Item Owner

You can change an item's owner in the 'Item Authoring' section of Surpass. This is a useful way to monitor who is working on particular items or make items distinguishable between item authors. This article outlines how to change and manage Item Owners in 'Item Authoring'.

Step 1: Select your item

Enter your subject and item in 'Item Authoring'. The Item Owner is stated at the bottom of the 'Edit' screen. The Item Owner defaults to the user who created the item.

Select the button titled 'Owner'.

Step 2: Change the Item Owner

The 'Change Item Owner' screen will appear, listing all available users with the correct permissions to be an Item Owner.

Select the user you want to assign as the new Item Owner. Their name will appear at the top of the window and the 'Confirm' button will become available.

Once confirmed, the new Item Owner will display at the bottom of the item's 'Edit' screen.

This change will also be logged in the 'Item History' window, with details of the date, time, and nature of the change.

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