How to Schedule a Test for Review

When sharing a test, you can schedule other users to view the test as a candidate would. This enables reviewers to fully replicate a candidate's test experience for quality review purposes and is a more secure way of sharing a test than a weblink. This article details how to schedule a test for review.

Note: For more information about others ways of sharing a test, please see the article How to Share Tests.

Step 1: Share Test

Enter your chosen subject in 'Item Authoring'. Select the 'Tests' icon to open the drop-down menu.

Select the 'Share Test' button.

Step 2: Select test and settings

Select the test you want to share from the list. In the 'Settings' panel, check 'Schedule and Create Keycodes'.

If you want the Quality Review panel to be available during the scheduled tests, this can also be enabled here by checking 'Enable Quality Review Panel'.

Once you have chosen your settings, select 'Continue'.

Step 3: Select users

Select the Surpass users you want to schedule for the test. Either select the users in the list, and press the arrow to move them across to the 'Select Users' column, or drag and drop users from one list to the other.

Only users associated with the chosen subject will be available for selection.

Select 'Continue' when you are happy with your selection.

Step 4: Select dates and number of keycodes

You can now select the availability of the test being scheduled by setting the start and end date in the 'Schedule Availability Window' entry fields—either by entering the numerical value in DD/MM/YYYY format or selecting the calendar icon to choose a date on the system's calendar.

You can also select how many keycodes should be generated for each user. This allows you to restrict how many times each user can access the test, since one keycode equals one view of the test. Enter the desired value into the 'Number of tests per user' field.

Once you have finalised your settings, select 'Schedule Test'.

Step 5: Generate keycodes

Selecting 'Schedule Test' activates keycode generation. Once your keycodes have been generated, you will see a confirmation message.

Select 'View Report' to download a spreadsheet containing all the keycodes generated alongside the name of the user they have been generated for. As you scheduled the test, you will also receive an email containing these details. You must then distribute these keycodes to the relevant users.

Step 6: Access the review test

Depending on how the test has been created, the user(s) will be able to use the Launch Test page or SecureClient to review the test.

Once logged in using their keycode, the reviewer(s) can interact with the test as if they were candidates. If enabled, reviewers will also have access to the Quality Review panel, which can be accessed via the 'Q' icon.

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