How to Create Custom Workflow Statuses

About: Workflow statuses can be used to manage the different stages of an item’s production. The 'Workflow Status' tab in the Site Settings screen allows users with Site Administrator permissions to create and edit the workflow statuses that can be assigned when creating items in the Item Authoring screen. This article will explain how to create a custom workflow in Surpass.

Note: Only Site Administrators have access to the 'Workflow Status' tab and can create custom workflows.

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Step 1:  Access the 'Workflow Status' tab

Enter the Site Settings screen by selecting your username in the top-right of the screen and select 'Site Settings' from the drop-down menu.

If you have Site Administrator permissions, you will see a 'Workflow Status' tab from the Site Settings screen.

Step 2: Add a Workflow Status

In the 'Workflow Status' tab you will see a list of all current workflow statuses within your instance of Surpass. 

Select the plus button underneath this list to add a new, custom workflow status.

You can have a total of 15 workflow statuses in Surpass, including default statuses.

Step 3: Rename your Status

Select the name of the workflow status you wish to rename. A text box will appear for you to type in a new name for the status.
You can rename all workflow statuses, both custom and default.

Step 4: Reorder Statuses

Select the arrows to the right of the workflow status you wish to reorder and drag it into the required place. 
All statuses can be reordered apart from the initial status, which is the status automatically given to a newly created item.

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