User Activity Logging

About: This article covers the currently functionality available for the logging of user activity in Surpass, including how it is stored and how the information can be retrieved. Please note that this is not available for all customers, if you would like to gain access to the log files for your instance please contact your BTL Account Manager.

If you have the ability to receive audit logs you will receive information for the following events.

Item Authoring

Items (will capture Item ID and Item Version Number)
  1. Item View
  2. Item Update
  3. Item Deletion
  4. Item Purged
Item Search
  1. Capture an item search and the criteria of the search
  2. Creation of an Item List and the list's name.

Media Library
  1. Import
  2. Rename
  3. Delete

Test Construction
  1. Export to Word Document
  2. Packaging a Test (from either Test Creation or Test Administration screens)
  3. Print Test
  4. Sharing Tests

User Login
  1. User login success
  2. User login failure (including attempted username)
  3. User log out

Custom Roles

  1. Create, edit and delete a custom role
  2. A delta between selecting 'Edit Role' and 'Save'
Will show changes to permission assignments in the role builder, capturing the role name, permissions associated, the access level (Site, Centre and Subject) and the permission level (Edit or Read-Only for Test Administration; No Access, Preview, View Content and Edit for Item Authoring).

User Roles

  1. Adding and Removing user roles
  2. Change in Subject/Centre Associations
  3. A delta between selecting a role and selecting 'Save'.
The information will displayed the user who is being edited and what level (Site, Centre, Subject) they are being edited at.

Subject Management

  1. Export to QTI - the subject exported and Item IDs selected
  2. Modifications to Tag Categories and Tag Groups

  1. Export of the Item Bank Report
  2. Export of the Raw Data Extract

All the events which are captured above will carry a date and time stamp, as well as showing information on the User who made the change, the change that was made and whether the change was made in the UI or API.

The setting to turn on Application Logging is configurable in BTL's Customer Management System. The logs make use of the Log4Net framework, and will be created per day. The files will be placed onto an agreed location on your server as a .txt file and have a default upper file size of 150MB. The upper limit can be increased upon request.

Once the file size has reached it's upper limit, a new file will be created. The files will be available for you to extract for 30 days, after 30 days is reached, the files will be deleted.

Note: It is essential that you consider the costs and implications of storage relative to your service agreement, especially customers currently using the shared infrastructure.

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