Surpass Release 12.12 Information (January 2018)

This release of Surpass includes an array of exciting new features and enhancements including the ability to pin items to certain points within a section, item duplication enhancements, and improvements to the File Attach question type.To find out more about these changes and other updates made to Surpass for this release, read the 'New Features' section below, and visit the Surpass Learning Portal to find out more.

New Features

Below you will find details of new and updated features that have been introduced in release 12.12 of Surpass. The features are divided into sections based on the area of the system they affect. 

Test Delivery: Increased Size of NDA Box
In Test Creation, there is now an increased character limit for NDA confirmation text. In delivery, if the NDA confirmation text is longer than normal, candidates can choose whether they want to expand the NDA confirmation box so that they do not have to scroll through large amounts of text.


Item Authoring: Duplicating Item Enhancements
When duplicating items, you can now select which metadata is duplicated so that it doesn't have to be manually entered. This includes duplicating enemy relationships and tags.

Item Authoring: Advanced File Attach
There is now an 'Advanced' mode in the File Attach question type, which allows item authors to add multiple files for candidates to download and manipulate during a test. This feature also allows item authors to customise the labels that appear to candidates on the File Attach question.

Item Authoring: Custom Dictionary
You can now add a spell checker to your instance of Surpass so that item authors can double-check spellings as part of the authoring process.

Item Authoring: Item Set Metadata
You can now add metadata to Item Sets. This allows you to add tags at the Item Set level, which are available in Item Search.

Item Authoring: Drag and Drop Absolute Marking
Absolute marking can be applied to the Drag and Drop question type, meaning a response to an item is only considered to be correct when all options are dragged to the correct destination zones. With this marking type, these questions can be computer-marked.

Item Authoring: Additions to Item History
The 'Item History' in Item Authoring now shows more detailed information about changes made to an item, including any changes to the question stem, answer options, tags, and item owner.


Test Creation: Pin Items in a Randomised Section
Test creators can now choose the position of items in a section where the content is randomised. You can 'pin' items to a particular place in a test form so that, when items are randomised within a section, the pinned items maintain the position assigned to them.

Test Creation: Non-Scored Item Randomisation
You can now define which Item Authoring folders containing non-scored items should have dynamic rules applied to them and may be selected at random to appear to candidates upon test form generation.

Test Creation: Candidate Review of Items in a Forward-Only Section
Candidates can now review items they have already answered in a Forward-Only section in a test by navigating back through the section. However, they will not be able to return to a section once it has been submitted.


Test Administration: Support Multiple Response in OMR Upload
When uploading a candidate's results via the OMR Upload, you can now successfully upload answers to the Multiple Response question type.

Test Administration: Schedule ContentProducer Paper Tests in Surpass
You can now set up a paper test created using items from ContentProducer to be scheduled in Surpass. Once scheduled, the test will automatically move to the 'Paper mark' screen and continues through Surpass, which allows you to use the reporting functionality available within Surpass.


Setup and Site Admin: User Audit Log
The system now logs more detailed information about user activity so that you can detect misuse and diagnose any problems.


Integration: Updates to v2 of Surpass API
There have been a number of updates to the Surpass API in Release 12.11, including the ability to:
  • Retrieve documents submitted by a candidate in response to the File Attach item type using the ItemResponse APIs.
  • GET information on a particular TestSession.
  • Upload OMR marks through the TestSchedule API.
  • Update to a TestSession so a test set up for delivery through SurpassLocal can be changed and be delivered from central Surpass servers.
  • Submit incomplete tests in SurpassLocal via the API to speed up submission. The Results, Historical and Analytical APIs will also reflect this submission flag.
  • Retrieve, update and post tags on an Item Set. 

Additional Features and Enhancements
  • The number of centres you can associate with subjects has been increased to 2000.
  • Additional styles and formatting options, such as Strikethrough and Line Breaks, have been added to the HTML formatting toolbar.
  • The text editor in HTML-Only subjects is now integrated with WIRIS, meaning item authors can now include mathematical equations and symbols in the question text and answer options.
  • The name given to an item during authoring is now visible in the Quality Review panel.

A note on HTML delivery
Developments are underway to move Surpass from Flash to HTML. Release 12.12 of Surpass sees more features supported in HTML. To stay up to date with HTML developments, click here for a full list of supported features.

Resolved Issues

ID: DE26632
Issue: After opening a candidate attachment during marking, users were not able to use the dropdown menu to navigate to the next question to mark.
Resolution: Users can navigate through questions using the dropdown after opening a candidate attachment.

ID: DE26666
Issue: Long strings of text were not properly wrapping inside the 'Moderator Warning' window and extending beyond the window container.
Resolution: The text properly wraps inside the warning message when it is longer than one line.

ID: DE26933
Issue: Users were receiving an 'Access Denied' message when they attempted to access a shared test.
Resolution: When the user accesses a shared test, the test will now launch as expected.

ID: DE27138
Issue: When scheduling a candidate for two tests on the same day at different centres, if a candidate was disassociated from one centre, they remained scheduled but did not appear in the Invigilation Pack for the centre they were removed from.
Resolution: The candidate and keycode shows in the Invigilation Pack if they are still scheduled, but have been disassociated, from the respective centre.

ID: DE27358
Issue: When inputting multiple lines in the question stem, the bottom line of text is cut off during Item Authoring Preview and Delivery with requirement to scroll.
Resolution: When inputting multiple lines in question box they are displayed fully, including any text with bullets or indentation, while editing and in Preview and Delivery.

ID: DE27906
Issue: When text was entered in a cell in the Spreadsheet and ESC key was selected, the text entered was persisting.
Resolution: Any text written in a cell is removed if the ESC key is selected.

ID: DE27908
Issue: When changing the background colour of cells in the Spreadsheet question type, and then dragged the cells to a new location, the cell colour was retained in the original location of the cells.
Resolution: The background cell colour now moves with the cells.

ID: DE27923
Issue: When the candidate created a formula in a cell in the Spreadsheet question type, if the width of the cell was changed, the formula was not visible. Additionally, if the cell was double-clicked it did not reveal the formula.
Resolution: Formulas are now displayed correctly in the Spreadsheet when the cells sizes are changed.

ID: DE28151
Issue: When Surpass is translated to Dutch, some text was cut off in the Advanced Settings in Test Creation meaning users could not enable certain settings.
Resolution: Users can now see all the information available and select the required checkboxes in Test Creation.

ID: DE28637
Issue: Responses to MCQ questions were being shown as responses to MRQ questions in the scoring XML when using the ItemResponse GET API.
Resolution: Responses to MCQs are correctly flagged as such in the scoring XML.

ID: DE28965
Issue: Tests were auto-voiding when they had been configured to auto-submit.
Resolution: The tests now auto-submit at the end of the scheduling window and after the 'Result Upload Grace Period' has ended when 'Attempt Auto Submit' is enabled for the test.

ID: DE29012/DE29092
Issue: Inconsistent translations appearing for some languages during delivery.
Resolution: New translation files have been generated resolving inconsistencies in delivery.

ID: DE29123
Issue: In HTML Delivery, when the preferences cog icon was selected, the preferences options did not appear.
Resolution: Preferences options are available to candidates during HTML Delivery.

ID: DE29286
Issue: Tables that were added as part of the question stem were compressed, adding unnecessary scroll bars. Additionally if the text was larger than the cell, it was not accommodated and cut off.
Resolution: Tables are now displayed in full height with scrollbars appearing when necessary.

ID: DE29299
Issue: Some Test Forms could not be scheduled as items were displaying as unavailable in the Test Form, making the forms invalid.
Resolution: Items are successfully publishing through to Test Creation, making the Test Forms valid and available for scheduling.

ID: DE29605
Issue: The PUT Candidate method in V1 of the API was not creating candidates.
Resolution: Candidates can now be created using V1 of the API.

ID: DE29618
Issue: When a mix of Reasonable Adjustments and non-Reasonable Adjustments candidates were being scheduled for a test, some candidates not registered for Reasonable Adjustments were receiving additional time.
Resolution: Only the candidates registered for Reasonable Adjustments will be entitled to extra time.

ID: DE29698
Issue: Users were unable to print Invigilation Packs for multiple candidates for centres with the ampersand character in the name.
Resolution: It is now possible to print off Invigilation Packs for single or multiple keycodes with centres that have ampersands in the centre name.

ID: DE29737
Issue: When the Test/GET/{ID} method was called for a language with the delivery language set to Japanese, error code 15 is returned and details of the test could not be received.
Resolution: The details of the test are returned without an error

ID: DE29804
Issue: When scheduling tests for a candidate, this is scheduling test forms that have already been sat by the candidate when 'Restrict resits' and 'Allow Test Form Recycling' are disabled.
Resolution: Candidates are now not able to be scheduled for test forms they have already sat where 'Allow Test Form Recycling' is disabled.

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