How to Add a Custom Dictionary

About: This article will explain how to upload a custom dictionary file to Surpass. A custom dictionary file will allow item authors to check the spelling of words in any editable text boxes in the 'Item Authoring' screens. This is useful for checking the spellings of medical terms or names. 

Note: Only users with site settings permissions will be able to upload a custom dictionary file.

Step 1: Download your custom dictionary file 

To upload a custom file to Surpass you must have a compatible .txt file that is ANSI encoded. 
You can download customisable sample files from here.

Step 2: Ensure your file is the correct format 

Once you download a sample file you must ensure it is a .txt file and is ANSI encoded. You can change these settings when you are saving your file to your device. Alternatively, you can create your own dictionary file. 

If the downloaded file will not allow you to change the file type, create a new .txt file by right-clicking in your device folder and selecting 'New' and 'Text Document'. 

You can now copy and paste the necessary words into the new empty file and save this text document in the correct format.

Step 3: Upload your file to Surpass 

In Surpass, select your username and then 'Site Settings'. You will only see this option in the drop-down menu if you have the correct permissions. 

Within the 'Site Settings' tab, select 'Item Authoring'. Under the 'Custom Dictionary' section, select 'Upload'. 

This allows to locate the correct file to upload from your device. 

If your file is the correct format it will now be uploaded to Surpass. 

Note: Once you have uploaded a dictionary to Surpass you cannot delete it. You will, however, be able to replace it.

Step 4: Use your dictionary in Item Authoring 

Now you can use your custom dictionary in Item Authoring. If a word is spelled incorrectly, a red line will appear under the word. If you right-click the incorrectly spelled word, the dictionary will list available words closest to the spelling you have typed. 

Step 5: Amending the custom dictionary 

If you want to amend your custom dictionary you must make any desired changes to the file on your device, and upload the amended file to Surpass for these changes to show. 

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