Release 12.12 Minor Update (January 2018)

The latest version of Surpass includes an update to HTML subjects in 'Item Authoring', and the ability to add pre-test rules to a Section Selector. Read on to find out more about these two new features.

New Features

Item Authoring: Multiple Header Rows in Answer Options as a Table
When you create Multiple Choice or Multiple Response questions in a HTML subject, you can format the answer options to appear in a table. You can now add multiple header rows to this table to give you more flexibility when displaying the information. You can also remove all header rows if you would prefer.


Test Creation: Adding a Pre-Test Rule to a Section Selector
You can now add a pre-test rule to a Section Selector. The pre-test rule is added to the Section Selector as a whole, rather than the individual sections within it, so that you can add the same pre-test items to all sections. This means that you can set up a pre-test rule so the candidate will be presented with the same pre-test items regardless of the section they choose to answer.

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