Surpass Release 12.13 Information (April 2018)

This release of Surpass includes an array of exciting new features and enhancements including a new 'Tasks' tab for greater administrative organisation, the ability to compare different saved versions of an item, and enhancements to the Multiple Response question type. 

New Features

Below you will find details of new and updated features that have been introduced in release 12.13 of Surpass. The features are divided into sections based on the area of the system they affect. 

Tasks: New Tab - Tasks (Beta Functionality)
A brand new tab has been introduced, currently as beta functionality, in which users can create, manage, and complete tasks. Two types of tasks can be created and assigned: 'general' and 'review' tasks. 'General' tasks are used for administrative-only purposes as 'to do' lists; 'review' tasks allow users to review a list of items recording their review verdict on an item-by-item basis. 


Test Delivery: Section Review Screen in HTML Delivery
If it has been enabled within the Test Profile, candidates sitting tests in HTML delivery can now open an interactive panel giving them an overview of all the items within their current section. Candidates can apply a combination of filters (unattempted, attempted, or flagged) and navigate quickly to any selected item. This is particularly useful for tests with sections that contain a large number of items.


Item Authoring: Version Compare
It is now possible to visually compare two versions of the same item side-by-side for Multiple Choice, Multiple Responses, Either/Or, and Short Answer question types. This allows you to see any changes that have been made to an item, including changes to the question text, answer options, text formatting and tags. This functionality will not be available by default. If you would like to enable this feature, please contact your BTL Account Manager.

Item Authoring: Item Set Delivery Sequence
Items within an item set will now always be delivered together consecutively, even when they are in a randomised section of a test. A new 'Allow randomisation of item set' setting in Item Authoring, allows the author to determine whether the items should be delivered in a fixed order or can be randomised within the set when placed in a randomised section. This ensures that items that are linked to each other will be delivered consecutively. Read this article to find out more about the behaviour of items that are part of an item set.

Item Authoring: Alpha Sort and Manual Change Answer Options
It is now possible for Item Authors to drag and drop answer options for Multiple Choice and Multiple Response question types to manually reorder them. There is also a new 'Order alphabetically' button in the additional options that allows you to alphabetise the answer options.

Item Authoring: Change Display Name in Image Viewer
You can now edit the title(s) and alternative text of images within a group. You can apply this change at item level and it will change the name of the image(s) in delivery, but it will not change the details for the image(s) in the Media Library.

Item Authoring: Secure Browsing of Online Reference Material
In the Media Library, when using the 'Create Source Material' functionality, there is now the option to create a 'white list' of URLs that the candidate will have access to in a locked-down test. Both main and supporting URLs can be included, meaning that in a locked-down test, candidates can access the specified sites without being able to navigate elsewhere.

Item Authoring: MRQ Minimum Response and Counter in HTML Delivery
It is now possible to define a minimum number of answer option selections before a multiple response question is considered 'attempted' by the delivery engine. If this setting is enabled, you can also choose to display a counter to candidates, which helps a candidate to track how many answer options they have selected. These settings are only supported within HTML delivery.

Item Authoring: Secure File Attach
A 'Secure File Attach' setting has been introduced when authoring a File Attach item in 'Standard' mode. This restricts the functionality in Word and Excel files that a candidate can access when sitting a test in SecureClient. The candidate will only have access to the 'save' button from the 'file' menu. This setting can also be applied by default at the Subject level. This feature is particularly useful for tests where candidates will be using their own device. For more information about 'bring your own device' testing, please contact your BTL Account Manager.


Test Creation: Lock Test Form Enhancements
We have now introduced the option to lock item settings and tags on a test form, for both fixed and dynamic tests, so that any changes made in Item Authoring will not affect the test form. For fixed test forms, there is also the option to lock content, as per the previous lock test form functionality. Enabling these settings means that changes made in Item Authoring will not affect the test form until it has been unlocked. This gives the test creator greater control over when updated items are delivered to candidates.

Test Creation: Pool Section Time in HTML Delivery
If your test contains multiple timed sections, you now have the option to group the time of consecutive sections to create a pool of time to give the candidate more flexibility when managing their test time. This functionality is only available in HTML delivery.

Test Creation: Dynamic Test Scale Score
You can now upload a scale score mapping file to test forms containing dynamic content. You must ensure the mapping file covers all marks that can be achieved by the candidate, as Surpass cannot validate a scale score you upload to a test form containing dynamic content.

Test Creation: IRT Scoring
At both a section and test form level, you can now generate an IRT theta value as a candidate score. This IRT score can be used in conjunction with a scale score, grade, and pass/fail information.


Setup and Site Admin: Enhancements to Test Profiles
A new 'Delivery Presentation' tab within Test Profiles allows you to configure which functionality within the header and footer of the test driver (such as the flag button, preferences button etc.) is available to candidates. A custom CSS file can also be applied, which allows you to modify the appearance of items, providing this has been upload within Site Settings. Uploading Custom CSS without first contacting the BTL Design team may negatively impact HTML Delivery. Please contact your BTL Account Manager if you would like further information about applying your own CSS to your instance of Surpass.


Integration: Updates to v2 of Surpass API
There have been a number of improvements and updates to v2 of the Surpass API in Release 12.13, these include:
  • A new and comprehensive ‘Tasks’ resource, which allows users to create, update and retrieve information on ‘General Tasks’ and ‘Item Review Tasks’. The User Permissions API has also been updated so users can be created with the Task Administrator role.
  • The ability to see IRT scores in the Results, Historical and Analytical Results API, for test forms where an IRT scoring scale has been applied. Scores will also be provided for IRT Domains in the API.
  • The ability to POST and PUT Section Enemies in the Item API.
  • Updates to the TestProfile, which allow users to control the Delivery Presentation of tests.
  • The ability to POST item marks against the question number for a TestSession where uploadResponses is flagged as ‘true’.
  • The ability to add the date a paper-based test was sat, when uploading the marks via the API.
  • The ability to add a Booking Reference in the POST TestSchedule resource, so any test result data can be cross-referenced back to an external system.
  • When pooled time is used it is indicated in the Results API.
  • You can now return SecureMarker tests before they are marked meaning you can get computer marked responses out earlier.

Additional Features and Enhancements  
  • You can now add an 'External Reference' when uploading OMR results. Including an 'External Reference' will allow you to cross-reference the data in Surpass with an external system.
  • If enabled at site level, users can now indicate which items should not appear together in the same section of a test. This can be defined in Item Authoring, but will not apply to Test Creation or the Test Wizard.  

A note on HTML delivery
Developments are underway to move Surpass from Flash to HTML. Release 12.13 of Surpass sees more features supported in HTML, including:
  • The Image Viewer
  • Highlight in Delivery
  • Optional Sections
  • Requires Item Response (for non-forward only sections)
  • Forward Only Sections
  • Allow Item Review 
  • Test Feedback, including Pass/Fail and Percentage Mark
To stay up to date with HTML developments, click here for a full list of supported features. 

Resolved Issues

ID: DE19291
Issue: When creating a Select From a List item type, which contains multiple lists of several options each, if media has been used then the top of the image is cropped.
Resolution: The image displays as expected.

ID: DE27847
Issue: On selecting 'Enable Override Auto-Mark' in the 'Moderate' screen, the marks field on computer-marked items is greyed out, meaning marks cannot be edited.
Resolution: The marks can be edited for computer-marked items as expected when selecting 'Enable Override Auto-Mark'.

ID: DE30771
Issue: When responding to a Short Answer question that is computer-marked, if a carriage return is used the mark is not awarded, despite the candidate entering the correct answer.
Resolution: If a carriage return is used and the correct answer is given, the marks are awarded.

ID: DE30677
Issue: In HTML delivery, JAWS screen reader was not reading alt text for embedded images.
Resolution: JAWS reads the alt text.

ID: DE30495
Issue: When entering a keycode for an online test that was downloaded to take later, an error message appears.
Resolution: The test launches as expected when sat both online and offline.

ID: DE20844
Issue: When the region format on a PC is set to Welsh (United Kingdom), an error is shown upon entering a keycode into SecureClient and selecting 'OK'.
Resolution: It is now possible to have this setting applied and successfully enter the keycode.

ID: DE21361
Issue: A wrong font was displaying in the loading content pop-up of SecureMarker.
Resolution: The correct font is now displayed.

ID: DE28397
Issue: An error was received when trying to move items from one folder to another in Item Authoring.
Resolution: Items can be moved without error.

ID: DE30015
Issue: It was possible to schedule a candidate for a test form they had previously sat, despite settings being applied to prevent this.
Resolution: With the relevant settings applied, it is not possible to schedule a candidate for a test form they have already sat.

ID: DE23655
Issue: When sitting a test in Russian, the pop-up in delivery does not display the text for 'Submit' or 'Cancel'.
Resolution: The text is displayed as expected.

ID: DE29309
Issue: URL encoded spaces and tags were displaying in the candidate response rows of the Raw Data Extract reports, preventing candidate responses from being readable.
Resolution: Candidate responses are now displayed as expected in the Raw Data Extract.

ID: DE29923
Issue: An error message is received when creating a rescoring event in 'Reporting'.
Resolution: Rescoring events can now be created as expected.

ID: DE30107
Issue: When previewing an item and striking out answer options by right-clicking, calculators added as tools were also being struck out.
Resolution: Calculators are no longer affected by the strikethrough function in item preview.

ID: DE30320
Issue: After creating single sign-on users via the API, 'Item Authoring' permissions were not being applied to them correctly.
Resolution: 'Item Authoring' permissions are now functioning properly for SSO users created via the API.

ID: DE30348
Issue: When selecting break icon whilst answering a Hotspot question, SecureClient stopped working correctly.
Resolution: The break functionality works as expected in SecureClient.

ID: DE30598
Issue: Citations were not saving correctly on an item if the user returned to the item at a later time to edit the content.
Resolution: Citations are now saved correctly when a user returns to edit the item.


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