How to Create a Task

About: This article will detail how to create a task in the 'Tasks' section of Surpass. For more information about completing tasks please see the other articles in this series.

Note: 'Tasks' is Beta functionality. You will need to have the Beta setting switched on in 'Site Settings' in order for this feature to be available to you.

Step 1: Create Task 

If you have a task manager permission you will be able to select the 'Create Task' button within the 'Tasks' tab. Selecting this button will present you with the 'Create Task' window. 

The first field will require you to enter a name for your task. Ensure you name your task appropriately so the assigned user can easily identify it. Secondly, give your task a reference number. This is for your references only and can be used as a unique identifier. 
Task name and reference number are mandatory fields. 

Step 2: Add a description (Optional)

Next, you can give the task a description. Select the downward facing arrow to reveal the text entry box. This space can be used to describe what the task is and give an explanation to users about completing the task. You can include up to 4000 words in this space. 
The task description is an optional field. 

Step 3: Select Task Type

Select type of task you want to create. There are two types of tasks that you can choose from: General or Review. 
  • General Tasks - A general task type is used for administrative-only purposes. These type of tasks are to inform users to do something but do not require them to create or review anything within the Surpass system. General tasks can be marked as in progress, completed or incomplete as a useful way for users to keep track of their assigned tasks' progress.
  • Review Tasks - Review tasks require the assigned users to review a list of items on an item-by-item basis. Creating this type of task requires users to record their 'review verdict' of 'Approve', 'Revise', or 'Reject' against each item. This information can then be downloaded onto a spreadsheet for analysis. If you select this type of task selecting an Item List for users to review is mandatory. Check the 'Item Editing' box to allow users to edit items whilst completing the review task.
Step 4: Choose a List to Review (Review Tasks only)

If you select the 'review' task type, you must select a list to review. This list will contain all the items that will be presented to the assigned users to review. 
Lists are created in the 'Item Lists' tab of 'Item Authoring'. For more information about Item Lists please see the 'How to Create Static Item Lists' article. 

Step 5: Assign a User 

When you have selected your task type, you can then select a user or users to assign to the task depending on your task type. General tasks may only have one user assigned to them and review tasks may have several. 
All users with a manager or assignee permission for the selected task type will be available to select from a drop-down list. Alternatively, you may free text search for a particular user. 

Step 5: Select a Start and End Date

Select or enter a start and an end date. Users will not be able to start the task before the start date and need to complete the task before the end date (deadline).

Step 6: Complete Task Creation

Once you have completed the required fields you can select 'Create Task'. Your task will appear in the list of 'All Tasks', and the list of 'Own Tasks' for assignees. 
You can select the 'Cancel' button at any time and your changes will not be saved. 

For more information on navigating the 'Tasks' tab and starting tasks please see the relevant pages in the Help reference guide. 

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