How to Complete a Review Task

About: A review task allows assigned users to review items in a list on an item-by-item basis. The users can record their review verdict on each item by selecting one of the following options: 'Reject', 'Revise', or 'Approve'. This data is collated and can be exported after the task deadline has passed or the task has been completed. This article will explain how to navigate and complete a review task. 

Note: 'Tasks' is Beta functionality. You will need to have the Beta setting switched on in 'Site Settings' in order for this feature to be available to you.

Step 1: Open Review 

Select the 'Open Review' button on the review task you wish to open. If you have not been assigned to this task, or you do not have the correct permissions, this button will be unavailable. 
You will see the first item in the list to review. 

Step 2: Navigating the Items 

The item displays as it would to the candidate. Use the breadcrumb icons on the left side to navigate between questions, or use the 'Previous Item' and 'Next Item' buttons. You can interact with the question as the candidate would.
The item name and total mark is displayed. You can also select the tags icon on the right to view the tags attached to the item.

If 'Item editing' has been enabled for the task, you can also make changes to the item by selecting the 'Edit Item' button. These changes will apply to the item in 'Item Authoring' and will be recorded in the item history.

Step 3: Recording a Response 

You have the option to select a response for the item. This response is collated and marks the item as reviewed in the progress wheel of the task. 

Select one of the following options to mark against the item:
  • Reject - The item is unacceptable and should not be included.  
  • Revise - Amendments or revisions need to be made. If you select this option, you must enter a comment explaining why you have selected this response.
  • Approve - The item is acceptable and does not need any amendments.  

Step 4: Completing the Review 

Select the 'Complete Review' button to end the review. This marks the review task as completed in the 'Tasks' screen.
If you want to close the review before you have finished reviewing all items, you can select the 'x' icon in the right-hand corner. This allows you to return to the review, within the task deadline, to continue reviewing the items. 
The number of items that have had a review response recorded will display in the progress wheel of the task so users can check their progress. 

For more information on navigating the 'Tasks' screen please see 'Navigating the Tasks Screen' article. 

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