Navigating the Tasks Screen

About:  The tasks screen allows users to manage, create, and complete tasks in Surpass. Tasks are way to help users manage their workload and allow them to review items simultaneously. This guide will outline how to navigate the tasks tab, including how to manage tasks. 

Note: 'Tasks' is Beta functionality. You will need to have the Beta setting switched on in 'Site Settings' in order for this feature to be available to you.

Create a Task 

Users with the relevant permissions can select the 'Create Task' button to create a new task. For further information on creating a new task see the 'How to Create a Task' article. 

Task Lists 

Depending on your permissions, you can toggle between 'All Tasks' and 'Own Tasks'. The 'All Tasks' tab will display all tasks created in Surpass, where as 'Own Tasks' will only show the tasks that have been assigned to your user. 

Each task will detail the following: task name, start date and end date (deadline), the user/s the task is assigned to, and the task type. 
The tick-box indicates whether a task has been completed it will be checked with a green tick, or if it hasn't been completed it will be empty. 

Task Progress 

Select each individual task to see a progress menu on the right-hand side. This menu displays the details of the task listed before as well as progress wheels indicating how many days and items are remaining in the selected task. 
  • Days remaining - this wheel indicates how many days are remaining to complete the task. It is coloured in green, amber, or red depending on the amount of time remaining. 
  • Items reviewed - this wheel is only displayed for review task types. It specifics how many items have been reviewed out of the total amount. It is coloured in green, amber, or red depending on the amount of time remaining. 
The 'Open Task' button allows assigned users to open the task to start reviewing items. 

The 'Download a Review' allows users to download a spreadsheet containing the review responses from the selected task. 

For more information on starting and completing a review task see the article 'How to Complete a Review Task'.  

Complete a Task 

To complete a task check the tick-box on the left-hand of the task. Alternatively, select the 'Mark as Complete' button the on task's progress window. 

You cannot select to complete a task if it has passed its deadline window or it has already been marked as complete and the deadline has passed. 

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