How to Use Version Compare

About: The Version Compare feature allows you to compare two versions of the same item side-by-side. This article will detail how to use Version Compare.

Note: This feature is not enabled by default. If you would like to enable this feature, please contact your BTL Account Manager.

Step 1: Select the item

Enter your chosen item from the subject screen. 
Version Compare is available for the following item types:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Either / Or
  • Short Answer
  • Essay

Select the 'Version Compare' button on the editing screen of the item. 

Step 2: Select the versions you would like to compare

The 'Version Compare' window will open where you can view two versions of the item side-by-side.
Use the drop-down menus at the top of each panel to select the two item versions you would like to compare.

Only major versions of items may be compared. A new major version is created every time there are saved changes to:
  • the item owner
  • the workflow status
  • an item with 'Live' status

Step 3: Highlight the changes

Switch between 'Changes hidden' and 'Changes visible' using the toggle. When 'visible', differences between the items are highlighted within the version on the right-side. Use the key to determine whether changes have been added or removed.

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