Surpass Release 12.14 Information (June 2018)

This release of Surpass includes an array of exciting new features and enhancements, including a new quality review panel for tests in HTML delivery, improvements to 'Tasks', and enhancements to the File Attach question type.

You can read a description of each feature below, or watch the Surpass Release 12.14 playlist on the Learning Portal for a demonstration of each feature.

New and Improved Features

Below you will find details of new and improved features that have been introduced in release 12.14 of Surpass. The features are divided into sections based on the area of the system they affect. 

Test Delivery

IMPROVED: Support Highlight for Created Source Material
Description: Candidates can now highlight HTML created source material content, including text, table contents, and images.
Purpose: This improves the candidate experience when interacting with HTML created source material by allowing them to pick out and review the most important information.



IMPROVED: Edit Items during Review Tasks
Description: Task creators can now give item reviewers the ability to edit items within a review task. Reviewers can view the item history and edit all aspects of the item, including settings and tags. Edits made will be applied to the item in 'Item Authoring'.
Purpose: This allows reviewers to make changes to items from 'Tasks' without having 'Item Authoring' permissions, making the item review and edit process more efficient.

IMPROVED: View Tags during Review Tasks
Description: Item reviewers can now view tag values assigned to items whilst completing a review task.
Purpose: This allows item reviewers to check whether tags are assigned correctly.


Item Authoring

NEW: Move Items to Folder
Description: Item authors can now easily manage the folder location of a large number of items within a subject using the new 'Move Items' button. You can now select up to 1500 items to move to a new folder.
Purpose: This speeds up the process of moving items and makes it easier to manage a large number of items within your subject,

IMPROVED: Support Tables in HTML Created Source Material
Description: In addition to text and images, item authors can now add tables to HTML created source material.
Purpose: This gives item authors more options to customise the appearance and formatting of candidate resource materials.

IMPROVED: File Attach Question Type Enhancements 
Description: The 'Standard' and 'Advanced' file attach modes have been renamed to 'Managed' and 'Manual'. You can now also add up to five files for candidates to work on in the 'Managed' (Standard) mode. If you apply the 'Secure File Attach' setting to files in 'Managed' mode, the functionality available to candidates has also been further restricted. 
Purpose: This gives item authors the option to upload more than one file for candidates to work on in SecureClient 'lockdown' mode and to apply the 'Secure File Attach' setting to multiple files. 


Test Creation

IMPROVED: Quality Review Panel (HTML Only)
Description: When sharing a test for review in HTML delivery, reviewers can now access an enhanced quality review panel. This panel provides detailed information about the item, section and test form being reviewed, including a breakdown of the marks achieved so far. Reviewers can leave comments on an item and test level, which can be downloaded during the review process.
Purpose: This new panel supports scenario-based testing for tests in HTML delivery as part of the quality review process. Reviewers can use the data generated in real-time to ensure the quality of the tests before they are sat by candidates.

NEW: Remove Section Tabs (HTML Only)
Description: For tests containing timed sections in HTML delivery, you can now choose to hide the section tabs from the candidate. You can apply this setting in the 'Test Profiles' screen of 'Test Creation'. 
Purpose: This simplifies the appearance of the delivery engine so the candidate can only see the breadcrumb for questions in their current section.

NEW: Configurable Time Remaining Warnings (HTML Only)
Description: You can now configure when the candidate receives a warning message indicating how much time they have left in their test in HTML delivery. You can configure the time remaining when the candidate sees these alerts in the 'Test Profiles' screen of 'Test Creation'.
Purpose: These alerts default to 30, 15 and 5 minutes, but you now have more flexibility about when these alerts show and how many alerts the candidate receives.

NEW: Mandatory Section Time (HTML Only)
Description: The duration of a timed section can now be made mandatory for tests in HTML delivery, preventing candidates from leaving the section before the allotted time has expired.
Purpose: This encourages candidates not to rush and to review their answers carefully before submission.

IMPROVED: Item Sets display in UI
Description: Test creators now have a visual indication of where an item set appears in a test form in 'Test Creation'.
Purpose: This feature allows test creators to more easily pin, move, and delete an entire item set.

IMPROVED: Fraction Progress Bar (HTML Only)
Description: There is an additional type of marking progress bar that you can display to a candidate in HTML delivery, which displays the number of items attempted out of the total number of items as a fraction. You can apply this 'Item based fraction text' progress bar in the 'Advanced Settings' of your test.
Purpose: This provides an additional option for displaying how many items a candidate has attempted. 


Test Administration

NEW: Escalate Candidate Scripts
Description: Markers can 'Escalate' a script in the 'Mark, 'Paper Mark', and 'Moderate' screens if they want to prevent the result being released, for example in the case of suspected malpractice. You can add notes to support the escalation and the script will be flagged in Surpass. 
Purpose: This allows you to indicate when a script requires further attention before results are released.


Setup & Site Admin

IMPROVED: Configure Access to Help and Home Page Buttons
Description: In 'Site Settings', you can now hide the Help icon, which is located in the top-right of every screen in Surpass and links to the full Surpass reference guide. You can also choose to show or hide the following buttons on the home page: Deliver Tests, Ideas Portal, Learning Portal, and Knowledge Base.
Purpose: This feature allows site administrators to manage which home page buttons users can see and control access to the help.

IMPROVED: Candidate Upload Functionality
Description: Enhancements to the 'Candidate Upload' function in 'Setup' now allows you to upload up to 1500 candidates at once, with the option to import candidate tags against each candidate.
Purpose: This speeds up the process of uploading a large number of candidates.


Integration: Updates to v2 of the API

There have been a number of improvements and updates to v2 of the Surpass API in Release 12.14, including:
  • A new Test Form resource, where you are able to GET information on specific Test Form and Section settings.
  • Using the Test Form resource, you can to update Section Properties on a Timed Section test to set a cut score for a particular section, which a candidate will need to achieve in order to progress to the next section. The Results API has also been updated to reflect this change, showing what the candidate achieved per section and if they proceeded to the next section.
  • A new Custom Reports API, which allows users to generate reports using keycodes, these reports will be based on custom HTML templates uploaded to the Custom Reports screen in the UI.
  • The ability to set ‘Remaining Time Available’ warning intervals in the Test Profile using the API.
  • Enhancements to the Item API where you can view the last updated date, as well as a new sub resource which will enable users to view and update tag groups and tag values within the item API, rather than having to do this via multiple separate calls.
  • The ability to add Item Sets to an Item List via the API.
  • To support creating, editing and deleting tag collections and add values to these collections via the API – this in advance of the ability to do this in the UI in 12.15.
  • The ability to retrieve candidate tags via the Candidate API.
  • Support in the Result API for Learning Outcomes and boundaries defined in Candidate Score Boundaries, so that information can be gained on how the candidate scored against Learning Outcomes when not using Learning Outcome Boundaries.

Additional Features and Enhancements

  • The option to include an item set within an item list based on matching search criteria in Item Search has been improved to display the whole item set, rather than all the individual items that are part of the set.
  • Cut scores can now be added to sections via the API.
  • Proficient HTML users can create their own reports in the 'Custom Report' tab.
  • Support for the PDF Viewer in HTML delivery. 

A note on HTML Delivery

Developments are underway to move Surpass from Flash to HTML. To stay up to date with HTML developments, click here for a full list of supported features.   

Resolved Issues

ID: DE30520
Issue: When candidates created a key for a graph creator tool from ContentProducer and returned to the item after navigating away, the key was hidden by a black box.
Resolution: The key remains visible for candidates at all times.

ID: DE30677
Issue: In HTML delivery, the JAWS screen reader failed to read the alt text for images embedded on an item.
Resolution: The JAWS screen reader now reads the alt text for embedded images.

ID: DE30678
Issue: When reading the NDA confirmation text on the ‘Agree to Terms’ screen, the candidate can accept the terms and enter their test before they have scrolled to the bottom and read the whole text.
Resolution: The candidate can only accept the terms and enter the test when they have scrolled to the bottom of the ‘Agree to Terms’ text.

ID: DE31147
Issue: When adding 'Em space' and 'En space' to the question stem from the 'Advanced' options menu in 'Item Authoring', the text was removed when the item was saved.
Resolution: Question content now saves when 'Em space' and 'En space' is used.

ID: DE31222
Issue: When downloading a test to take in SecureClient, some items were unavailable for download.
Resolution: Tests can be downloaded and sat by the candidate as expected.

ID: DE31325
Issue: A table question created in ContentProducer behaved as a spreadsheet in delivery.
Resolution: A table question created in ContentProducer now behaves as expected in delivery.

ID: DE31348
Issue: Users were receiving an error when uploading a manifest file containing empty tags to a test profile in 'Test Creation'.
Resolution: Users can now upload a manifest file containing empty tags to a test profile.

ID: DE31360
Issue: Users were unable to schedule tests at the 'Quality Review' status via the API.
Resolution: Users can now schedule 'Quality Review' tests via the API.

ID: DE31404
Issue: SecureClient closed when the candidate selected an invalid URL while navigating URL created source material.
Resolution: SecureClient now does not close when the candidate selects an invalid URL.

ID: DE31487
Issue: In SecureClient 'lockdown' mode, File Attach questions were showing an unattempted when the candidate saved their file and finished the test.
Resolution: When a candidate saves and closes a file in the File Attach question in SecureClient 'lockdown' mode, the breadcrumb will change colour and show as attempted.

ID: DE31490
Issue: A loading box appeared for tests sat in SecureClient where the first question of the test was grouped.
Resolution: Grouped questions now load as expected in SecureClient.

ID: DE31534
Issue: An error message appeared when entering a keycode into SecureClient for a test scheduled via the API containing unscheduled breaks.
Resolution: Users can now access tests scheduled via the API containing unshceduled breaks.

ID: DE31589
Issue: Time remaining warnings were not displayed in HTML delivery.
Resolution: Time remaining warnings now show as expected in HTML delivery.

ID: DE31815
Issue: Auto-fill options appeared in answer boxes when sitting a test in HTML delivery using Edge.
Resolution: Auto-fill options no longer appear in answer boxes in HTML delivery using Edge.

ID: DE31938
Issue: When sitting a test using the Japanese navigation language, the candidate can only finish the test by selecting the right side of the finish button.
Resolution: The entire finish button is available in tests using the Japanese navigation language.

ID: DE32201
Issue: In tests sat in HTML delivery, some candidates did not receive their full allocation of scheduled break time.
Resolution: The candidate now receives their full allocation of scheduled break time in HTML delivery.

ID: DE23650
Issue: When finishing a test with the delivery language set to Turkish, the tick icon overlaps text in the finish pop-up.
Resolution: The tick is correctly presented.

ID: DE23651
Issue: When sitting a test with the delivery language set to Russian, the OK button is incorrectly translated.
Resolution: The button is correctly translated.

ID: DE25503
Issue: An item was shown as attempted when the candidate had only used the calculator tool.
Resolution: The item does not show as attempted until the candidate selects or enters a response.

ID: DE25962
Issue: When a candidate with " in their name entered their keycode, the keycode was shown as invalid.
Resolution: Candidates with " in their name can access the test as expected.

ID: DE27126
Issue: When highlighting text in the PDF viewer, the highlighted area became more opaque as the candidate clicked on other functionality within the PDF viewer, making the text unreadable.
Resolution: The text is highlighted as expected and is not affected by anything else the candidate selects.

ID: DE29645
Issue: The height of the box to input marks against items that use marked learning outcomes differed in preview and live mode.
Resolution: The height of the box now adjusts depending on the number of characters in the learning outcome.

ID: DE30192
Issue: When highlighting a document within a test, upon closing the document and opening a different one, the highlight applied to the first document was applied to the second, and removed from the first.
Resolution: The highlight now remains on the document it was applied to, and is not applied to any other.

ID: DE30215
Issue: It was not possible to use Japanese characters in test form grade boundaries.
Resolution: Japanese characters can now be entered.

ID: DE30250
Issue: When Surpass was translated to Dutch, some of the text in the 'Edit item settings' box was not displaying correctly.
Resolution: The text displays as expected when Surpass is translated to Dutch.

ID: DE30446
Issue: The 'Symbols' box available in marking was not remaining on-screen when navigating through questions, meaning it had to be re-opened each time.
Resolution: The 'Symbols' box now remains open when navigating through questions.

ID: DE29969
Issue: The progress bar was increasing over 100% when survey items were answered as well as all other questions.
Resolution: The progress bar is not affected by survey items.

ID: DE19696
Issue: In web delivery, a problem with the page content being downloaded multiple times was causing the content to fail to display.
Resolution: The content displays as expected.

ID: DE23861
Issue: If a candidate attempted to upload a document in a test which was already open on their computer, it did not upload and no warning message was received.
Resolution: A message is displayed to the candidate informing them that the file is in use and that they should close it and try again.

ID: DE26211
Issue: When creating a test form with dynamic rules in 'Test Creation', where some items matching the parameters contained grouped media, the test form was validating even if the media had not been added as a tool.
Resolution: A validation error is displayed indicating that tools are missing.

ID: DE29960
Issue: When using the 'Bulk Update' functionality to add labels to answer options, the labels were applied in 'Item Authoring', but did not show in delivery or 'Test Administration'.
Resolution: When labels are added, they are shown in all areas of Surpass.

Removing Support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10

Please note that we will be removing support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 after release 12.15 of Surpass.  

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