Surpass Release 12.15 Information (August 2018)

The 12.15 release of Surpass includes an array of exciting new features and enhancements, including an interactive caliper tool, options for rationale and negative scoring in 'Item Authoring', survey sections, and improvements to the 'Tasks' screen.

You can read a brief description of each feature below. Watch the Surpass 12.15 Release playlist on the Learning Portal for a demonstration of some of the key features.

New and Improved Features

Test Delivery

NEW: Caliper Tool (HTML Delivery)
Description: A caliper tool can now be made available for candidates to use in HTML delivery. Candidates can use the caliper tool to measure anything on the interface using several different units of measurement.
Purpose: This allows candidates to measure image on-screen as part of the test. 

NEW: Table of Contents and Bookmarks in PDF Viewer
Description: If bookmarks have been added to a PDF before uploading to the media library, candidates will now have access to a table of contents when using the PDF viewer.
Purpose: This allows the candidate to easily navigate large documents during their test.

IMPROVED: Hide Button for Auto-Launched Source Material
Description: When source material is set to auto-launch, if there is only one piece of source material associated with the item that can auto-launch, the button for that piece of source material will not be visible to the candidate beneath the question stem if using HTML SecureClient.
Purpose: This will reduce confusion for the candidate about whether source material is open or not. 

Video of improvements to source material:



NEW: Edit Task
Description: Task managers can now edit ‘General’ and ‘Review’ tasks at both ‘Not started’ and ‘In progress’ states.
Purpose: This functionality allows task managers to refresh item lists, change assignees, and extend deadlines if necessary. 

NEW: Final Decision
Description: Task managers can now see how reviewers voted on 'Review' tasks and use this information to make a final decision. When you select the new 'Decision' button, you can add a comment and change the workflow status of the item. These changes will apply to the item in 'Item Authoring'.
Purpose: This allows task managers to use review data to assess the quality of the item and track their decision in Surpass.

NEW: Access Overdue Tasks
Description: You can now enter and edit a task after its end date if you have task manager permissions.
Purpose: This allows task managers to make a final decision after the task end date has passed. This feature also allows task managers to edit expired tasks and extend their deadlines

IMPROVED: Item Information Panel
Description: The item information panel on the ‘Item Review’ screen has new tabs for Item Tags, Enemy items, Citations, and General Feedback.
Purpose: You can now access more comprehensive information about the item under review (for example, whether the correct tag values are assigned, etc.). 

Video of all improvements to 'Tasks':


Item Authoring

NEW: Negative Marking (HTML Delivery)
Description: You can now set negative weighted marks for answer options in Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions. This is set up using the existing Weighted Marking feature, which has now been extended to Multiple Response questions.
Purpose: Candidates can now be discouraged from guessing by being given negative marks for incorrect answers.

NEW: Answer Rationale
Description: You can now enable a 'Rationale' field for each answer option in Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions. You can add rationale to each answer option when editing a question and export this rationale for review using 'Export to Word Doc'.
Purpose: Item authors can use the 'Rationale' field to explain why they have included each answer option. This is particularly useful as part of the quality review process. 

IMPROVED: Bulk Update Tags (.csv)
Description: You can now update multiple tag values on up to 5000 items at once using a spreadsheet. Previously, bulk updating tags limited you to applying the same additions or removals to all included items.
Purpose: You can efficiently change the tag values for multiple items at the same time. 

NEW: Group PDFs (HTML Delivery)
Description: You can now group up to 60 PDF files in the media library of a HTML subject.
Purpose: This means that candidates can access multiple PDFs from one link in HTML delivery.

NEW: Add Images to Stem Text (HTML Delivery)
Description: You can now embed images in the middle of question and answer stem text.
Purpose: This gives you more freedom in how you use images. For example, you could use an image to insert a special character that is not available in the formatting toolbar.

NEW: Item Set Enemy Relationships
Description: You can now set enemy relationships at an item set level, so that an item set cannot appear in the same test as another item or item set.
Purpose: This ensures that all items within an item set share the enemy relationship and allows you to make whole item sets enemies of each other.

NEW: Subject Master Lists
Description: You can now create a master list for your subject in the ‘Item Lists (Beta)’ screen. Subject master lists contain all items within its parent subject. You can also share items between subject master lists.
Purpose: This allows you to easily view all items within a subject from the 'Item Lists (Beta)' screen. 


Test Creation

NEW: Survey Sections (HTML Delivery)
Description: There is now a new 'Survey Section' section type, which is supported in HTML delivery. Items added to this section type automatically become non-scored and this section is timed independently of the test.
Purpose: Candidates have a clear picture of their remaining test time and are not penalised for completing survey items. The presence of survey items also does not affect the progress bar, minimising confusion over how many items are left in the test. 

NEW: Exclude Test Form from Random Selection when Scheduling
Description: This new setting allows you to exclude a test form from being randomly selected at the point of scheduling.
Purpose: This is particularly useful to keep modified test forms separate from random selection, for example those created for candidates with reasonable adjustments.

IMPROVED: Text Formatting for NDA Confirmation Text
Description: The new formatting toolbar allows you to format the text that is displayed to candidates on the NDA confirmation screen. It is also possible to import text from a Word document and retain the formatting.
Purpose: This gives you more control of the appearance of the NDA confirmation text in delivery.  


Setup & Site Settings

NEW: Configure 'Reporting' Default Settings
Description: In 'Site Settings', you can now configure the default settings for values in the 'Tests Delivered' report, including the fixed pass grade and pseudo-guessing chance.
Purpose: You can ensure that settings are applied consistently to all test forms.


Integration: Updates to v2 of the API

There have been a number of improvements and updates to v2 of the Surpass API in Release 12.15, including:
  • Enhancements to the Item API to support negative marks for answer options in Multiple Choice and Multiple Response question types. This can be done by changing the marking type property to ‘Weighted’, which is now also supported for Multiple Response questions.
  • Enhancements to the Item API to support the new ‘Rationale’ field, where item authors can explain why they have included each answer option. You can enable the ‘Rationale’ field and add ‘Rationale’ text to each answer option via the Item API.
  • The ability to create or edit an item or item set to have an enemy relationship with another item set, using either the Item or ItemSet APIs.
  • The ability to enable the quality review panel in HTML delivery via a new parameter when scheduling tests via the API.
  • The ability to identify a Survey Section in the Result, AnalyticsResult and HistoricalResult APIs, so that you can get the candidate’s responses to items. Survey Sections contain items that are non-scored, which are included for the purpose of gathering data from candidates.
  • Support in the Analytical and Historical Result APIs to support Learning Outcome and Unit result information, including the grade achieved by the candidate.
  • Enhancements to the Subject and ItemList APIs to support master lists, which contain all items within a subject. If you have the ‘Manage Subjects’ permission, you can enable a master list for a subject in the Subject API. You can also filter in the GET resource of the ItemList API to find master lists and there is a new property within an item list so you can identify a master list. You cannot create, edit, or delete master lists via the Item List API.
  • Enhancements to the ItemList API to support the new ability to share items with a master list. This includes the ability to share items with a master list using the ItemList PUT method and view items shared with a master list from the Item GET and ItemList GET methods.
  • If you have uploaded a JSON or XML file to the ‘Metadata Uploader’ of a test form in ‘Test Creation’, you can now retrieve this file via the Test Form API.
  • Support for the new ‘Exclude from Random Test Form Selection’ in the Schedule API so that test forms with this setting selected are not available for selection via the API.
  • The ability to extract the PO number for a scheduled test session from the TestSession and Result APIs. You can also filter to retrieve PO numbers added between started and submitted dates.
  • The ability to add a Caliper tool to an item via the Item API.

Additional Features and Enhancements

  • The ability to define a new mark for unattempted questions for scripts in the 'Re-Mark' screen.
  • Enhancements to the formatting options available when creating source material in the media library.
  • The ability to add images in-line with text to question stem and answer options for items used in HTML delivery.
  • The ability to set a 'Pass Range' for a section in 'Test Creation'.
  • A new 'Metadata Uploader' that allows you to upload a .json or .xml file to a test form, for use outside of Surpass.
  • The ability to generate reports from the 'Custom Reports' screen of 'Reporting'.
  • Support for French-Canadian as an administrative language in Surpass.
  • Enhancements to the behaviour of PDFs when attached to items that are grouped for delivery, so PDFs attached to all items are accessed from a single link at the top of the page.
  • The ability to add comments to introduction pages using the quality review panel in HTML delivery.
  • A new 'Requires BYOD mode' test setting that indicates when a candidate will be using their own device. To find out more about BYOD mode, please speak to your BTL account manager.
  • The introduction of tag collections, which can be created via the API. To find out more about this feature, please speak to your BTL account manager.

A Note on HTML Delivery

Developments are underway to move Surpass from Flash to HTML. To stay up to date with HTML developments, click here for a full list of supported features


Resolved Issues

ID: DE19696
Issue: When running a test in browser delivery, occasionally the question content failed to display due to the content being downloaded multiple times.
Resolution: The content downloads only once and is displayed as expected.

ID: DE29235
Issue: When setting the delivery language to Arabic and using forward only delivery, the question mark icon in the dialogue displayed backwards.
Resolution: The question mark icon now displays correctly.

ID: DE31534
Issue: When entering a keycode for a test scheduled using the API and containing an unscheduled break, occasionally an error message was displayed when entering the keycode.
Resolution: When entering the keycode the test starts as expected.

ID: DE24871
Issue: Attempting to upload a document after the test time expired caused SecureClient to crash.
Resolution: SecureClient submits and closes as expected when the test time expires.

ID: DE26310
Issue: In SecureClient, changing the colour preference did not affect the file upload manager.
Resolution: The file upload manager changes colour according to the preferences that have been set.

ID: DE26804
Issue: In Wiris, text appeared blurred when viewed with Black with light Magenta colour preferences.
Resolution: The text now appears clear with any colour preference applied.

ID: DE27880
Issue: The 'Preferences' icon was not displayed to candidates when the test contained more than one introduction page.
Resolution: The Preferences icon is available to candidates regardless of the number of introduction pages.

ID: DE29080
Issue: The question text box overlapped the border around the question when the language was set to Arabic.
Resolution: The question text box now fits correctly within the frame.

ID: DE29126
Issue: When using the spreadsheet item type which also has a document attached, when opening and closing the document the keyboard keys were no longer active on the spreadsheet, meaning you had to select a different cell to make the keys active again.
Resolution: The keys are still functional without having to select another cell first.

ID: DE31605
Issue: When setting learning outcome boundaries on a Test Form, double byte (Japanese) characters were not accepted.
Resolution: Double byte characters can now be entered.

ID: DE31770
Issue: When viewing a question set for HTML delivery on an iPad, and the page requires scrolling, it was not possible to scroll down the page when in landscape view.
Resolution: You can scroll to the bottom of the question as expected.

ID: DE32487
Issue: When updating candidates using the API and using the plus symbol in the reference, it was replaced with a space in the Surpass UI.
Resolution: The reference is updated including the plus symbol.

ID: DE32810
Issue: When trying to open a Word document in the File Attach question type, the document opened behind SecureClient on first click, and must be selected a second time to open.
Resolution: The document opens as expected on first click.

ID: DE32965
Issue: When using HTML delivery on an iPad, the question was considered unattempted if you attempted to navigate to the next question without hiding the on-screen keyboard first.
Resolution: The candidate can move to the next question with the keyboard still on-screen.

ID: DE32982
Issue: When battery exams were scheduled, sometimes an error appeared when trying to launch the first exam.
Resolution: All tests can be sat without error.

ID: DE33084
Issue: When delivering a test through SurpassLocal, with no internet connection, PDFs attached to an item were slow to open.
Resolution: PDFs now open without delay.

ID: DE33427
Issue: When changing colour preferences in SecureClient and using text cells in an AQT, the colour the text was changed to was still applied in the mark screen, making the text unreadable if, for example, it was set to a black background with white text.
Resolution: The text colour reverts back to black for marking.

ID: DE33300
Issue: An unknown error appeared when clicking the finish button on a test.
Resolution: When selecting the finish button the test ends as expected.

ID: DE33295
Issue: Installation failed when trying to install a new version of SurpassLocal.
Resolution: SurpassLocal installs successfully.

ID: DE33096
Issue: When trying the download a printable test from the Test Wizard, the list of available Test Forms was not displaying.
Resolution: The list of Test Forms is visible as expected.

ID: DE33001
Issue: When trying to print candidate feedback at the end of a test, the PDF did not include all pages of feedback.
Resolution: All feedback is included in the PDF.

ID: DE32893
Issue: When attempting to view a candidate report from the Results screen, an error was displayed if an ampersand had been used in a learning outcome tag value.
Resolution: The Candidate Report can be viewed as expected, even if the learning outcome contains an ampersand.

ID: DE32874
Issue: In Candidate Review, the Dutch translation of the term ‘partial mark’ was incorrect.
Resolution: It is now translated correctly.

ID: DE33133
Issue: At the end of a test launched using the keycode command line, occasionally the test would hang when attempting to upload the result.
Resolution: The test uploads as expected.

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