How to Escalate a Script

This article outlines how to escalate a candidate's script in the 'Mark' and 'Moderate' screens of 'Test Administration'. Escalating a script prevents it from progressing any further than the 'Moderate' screen. This can be used to indicate suspected malpractice. 

Step 1: Select a Script 

Select the suspected candidate's script from either the 'Mark' or 'Moderate' screen and select the 'Escalate' button. A script at any stage of the marking/moderating process can be selected to be escalated. 

Step 2: Outline your reasons

The 'Escalate Script' window will populate with details of the escalation history. If a script has been escalated or de-escalated, it will be detailed here including the time, date, the user, and the reason why. 

Enter a comment between 10 -1000 characters. You cannot save your escalation until you have entered a comment. 

Step 3: Select Escalate

Select 'Escalate' to mark the script as escalated. A red exclamation symbol will appear next to the script in the 'Status' column in the 'Mark' or 'Moderate' screen to indicate it is currently escalated. 

To de-escalate a script, repeat the same process outlining your reasons for doing so. 

Note: Any scripts marked for escalation in the 'Mark' or 'Moderate' screens will not progress to 'Results' even if their marking status is complete or they are selected to be released.

For further information on escalating a script, see 'Mark' on the Surpass Help Site. 

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