Importing to NDA Text Formatting Editor

About: This article will outline how to use the 'Import Formatted Text from MS Word' function when editing NDA Confirmation text in the test settings. 

Step 1: Format your text in Word

You must format any text you require to import in Word. Ensure the confirmation text editor is empty, as any text imported will overwrite any existing text. 

Step 2: Select the 'Import Formatted Text from MS Word' button

Select the button to the right-end of the formatting bar, this will populate the 'Import Formatted Text from MS Word' menu. 

Step 3: Copy from Word

Highlight the text you want to import and select 'Ctrl+C'. Select the box entitled 'Select here' and press 'Ctrl+V'. Your text will then appear in the confirmation text editor box. 

If you have not selected any text to import from Word or if your text is invalid a warning message will appear in this box outlining the error. 

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