How to Open a Packaged Test

About: This article will demonstrate how to open a packaged test in Surpass. For more information about how to package a test, please see the ‘Package Test Form’ help page or the 'How to Package a Test Form' article. Note: You can package a test blank or with candidate responses.

Step 1: Extract the files from the .ZIP folder

Once you have downloaded your packaged test, you will need to extract all the files from the .ZIP folder that has been downloaded to your computer.

Right-click on the packaged test folder and select ‘Extract All’.

Specify where you would like the files to be saved and then select ‘Extract’.

Step 2: Add the C drive (C:) as a trusted source

Before you can open your packaged test, you will need to add the C drive (C:) as a trusted source.

If you are using Internet Explorer, open the Control Panel and select the Flash Player settings.

In the ‘Advanced’ tab, select the ‘Trusted Location Settings’ button.

Next, select the ‘Add’ button and type ‘C:\’.

Select ‘Confirm’.

If you are using Google Chrome, type in the address bar. 

In the 'Global Security Settings' panel, select 'Edit Locations'.

In the drop down menu, select 'Add Location' and type 'C:'. 

Select 'Confirm'. 

Step 3: Open the ‘index’ file

Once the files have been extracted, open the ‘index’ file in your packaged test folder.

You may need to enable Flash for this to be successful. For more information about this, please see the article ‘How to Enable Flash’. 

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