Timed Sections: Section Pass Types

About: Tests with timed sections allow you to select a section pass type if required. This article will outline the different section pass types and their functions. 

Pass Type 

A section pass type allows you to control the way a section behaves in a test. You do not need to set a pass type if you do not require your section to measure ability.  

Pass Mark

You can set a pass mark for each section that the candidate must obtain in order to pass the section and the test. A pass mark can be set as a score, percentage, or IRT score. You must ensure the pass mark you set is relative to the marks in the test, or passing the test may become unobtainable. 

Setting a section pass mark is useful for tests that require candidates to pass all sections in order to pass the test, rather than calculating the test score cumulatively. 

Progress Mark (HTML Only)

This option allows you to set a progress mark for your section. This determines whether a candidate will proceed to the next section, or allows them to retake the section in order to achieve a specific percentage. 

If the candidate achieves the section progress mark, they will automatically proceed to the next section. If the candidate does not achieve the section progress mark, they will be presented with the option to either retake the section or move on to the next section.

A section progress mark can only be set as a percentage.

Pass Range (HTML only)

A pass range can be set to determine if a candidate will progress to the next section or complete the test. You must add an upper and lower limit to determine the pass range. The upper limit is exclusive and the lower range inclusive. If a candidate falls within this range this will move to the next section, if they are above this limit they will finish the test. 

You can select whether the range is measured as a score or percentage. 

There is also the option to select the 'Range Type':
  • ‘Current Section’ will only include the section the candidate is currently working in and will calculate their score based upon this
  • ‘Cumulative’ will include all sections up to and including the current section.
For further information on Section Pass Types see 'Section Properties' section of the Help guide. 

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