Item - Likert

The Likert question type is an HTML only survey question type that allows candidates to rate up to 20 statements on a scale of up to 10 points. An example of how this will be displayed to the candidate in delivery is as follows:

To build a POST request to the item resources, the body should include any top-level properties required on the item. This would then be followed by the question type collection. The collection required for Likert questions, including the mandatory minimum properties, is as follows:

"likertQuestions": [

This collection would include all of the question properties required. The table below identifies all these properties including its name, type, description, default value, and if it is mandatory in a request. We have also provided sample requests for the GET/{id} methods in XML and JSON format:

GET/{id} - Item - Likert - JSON Example
GET/{id} - Item - Likert - XML Example
Property Name Type Description Default Value
Mandatory for Create
isMatrixMode boolean Indicates whether the Likert is in matrix mode or not. true
optionList / options collection The list of ratings that the candidate can choose from.
optionList / options / id int The ID of the rating option component. 1
optionList / options / text HTML The rating option text in HTML. sample string 2
statementList / statements collection The list of statements that the candidate responds to.
statementList / statements / id int The ID of the statement component. 1
statementList / statements / text HTML The statement text in HTML. sample string 2

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