Adding Trusted Sources to Flash

To display certain screens in Surpass, you may need to set your C: drive as a trusted location for Flash. This article explains how to add trusted sources to Flash in supported web browsers and Windows.

Google Chrome (v69+)

Step 1

Navigate to the following URL:

Step 2

In the 'Global Security Settings' panel, select 'Edit Locations'.

Step 3

From the drop-down menu, select 'Add Location' and type 'C:', then select 'Confirm'.

Non-Chromium Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)

Step 1

Navigate to the 'Control Panel' on your device.

Step 2

Find 'Flash Player (32 bit)'.

Step 3

In the 'Flash Player Settings Manager', select the 'Advanced' tab.

Step 4

Select 'Trusted Locations Settings', then press 'Add' and enter 'C:'.

Step 5

Select 'Confirm'.

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