Surpass 12.17.1 Release Information (February 2019)

We've introduced some exciting new features in the 12.17.1 release of Surpass. You can read a brief description of each feature below. Watch the Surpass 12.17.1 release video playlist on the Learning Portal for a demonstration of some of the key features.

New and Improved Features

IMPROVED: Terminology Changes
Description: Some terminology within Surpass has been improved to ensure consistency and accuracy. See this article for more information about which terms have been changed.
Purpose: This feature ensures that terminology across the system is consistent and clear.

Test Delivery

NEW: Unified Keycode Screen
Description: SecureClient now switches between Flash and HTML delivery depending on the keycode that is entered.
Purpose: This functionality allows you to download one SecureClient to deliver both flash and HTML tests.

NEW: Item Set Header
Description: You can now add a header to an item set in 'Test Profiles' that displays to the candidate in delivery. The header can be customised with specific terminology to display to the candidate.
Purpose: This is useful for indicating the item set number and which item within the set the candidate is currently in



Remember: 'Tasks' is currently Beta functionality and is under active development.

NEW: ‘Authoring’ Tasks
Description: The new ‘Authoring’ task type allows you to assign items to users for them to edit and submit. The new lead assignee can view, edit and submit items assigned to all users.
Purpose: This new task type enables you to control the items users can create in Surpass.

NEW: Multiple Copy ‘Review’ Tasks
Description: A Multiple Copy ‘Review’ task gives users their own item versions that can be edited individually without seeing changes made by other assignees.
Purpose: This enables review assignees to use ‘Tasks’ to review and edit items individually, without being influenced by other team members.

NEW: Lead Assignees in 'Review' Tasks
Description: A lead assignee is a new task-specific job for ‘Review’ and ‘Authoring’ tasks. In 'Review' tasks, the lead assignee can make final decisions on items. Items also now lock individually when a lead assignee is making a final decision, allowing other assignees to continue to work on other items.
Purpose: The lead assignee allows teams to be managed more efficiently in Surpass, so task managers can take more of an administrative role.

NEW: Track Changes
Description: When you allow assignees to edit items in a 'Review' task, you can now also enable ‘Track Changes’. This highlights all edits, additions, and deletions made to on-page text fields during the task. During the final decision process, lead assignees can accept or reject the changes either individually or in bulk.
Purpose: This functionality creates an audit trail on the item so you can effectively manage the changes made by users.

IMPROVED: Support for Item Sets in 'Review' Tasks
Description: Item sets are now supported in ‘Review’ tasks. Assignees can view and edit items within an item set, as well as the settings of the item set.
Purpose: This allows you to include item sets in lists of items for 'Review' tasks.


Item Authoring

NEW: Inline Comments
Description: Add a comment to a specific place within the question text and answer options. You can create a conversation by replying to comments left by other users.
Purpose: This helps users to communicate more effectively on items within Surpass, for example as part of the quality review process.

NEW: Voice Capture (HTML Delivery)
Description: The Voice Capture question is now available to create in HTML subjects and deliver in HTML SecureClient. You can set a recording time of up to 60 minutes. 
Purpose: This new item type allows you to deliver Voice Capture questions in HTML.  

IMPROVED: 'Item Search' and 'Item Lists'
Description: It is now possible to customise columns in the tables of the 'Item Search' and 'Item Lists' screens in 'Item Authoring'. You can also filter on individual columns. These screens have now left 'Beta'.
Purpose: These enhancements allow users to create more flexible searches, from which item lists can be created. 

IMPROVED: Source Code Editor (HTML Delivery)
Description: You can now edit the source code in any rich text editor for all item types in HTML subjects.
Purpose: This feature gives users the ability to create HTML content within the body of items, such as in a question stem or answer option. This is also useful for editing tables created using the CKEditor in question stems.

IMPROVED: Bulk Update Owner
Description: You can now use the ‘Bulk Update’ function in ‘Item Authoring’ to update the owner assigned to items. You can do this using a .csv file for a maximum of 5000 items.
Purpose: You can now quickly and easily update the owner of multiple items. This is particularly useful when setting up items to be used in an 'Authoring' task.

IMPROVED: Import Items from a Spreadsheet with Owner
Description: We've enhanced our import functionality so you can now specify an 'Owner' for each item when you import items from other sources. We now also support the import of items into HTML subjects.
Purpose: Importing items into subjects is now more flexible and supports more information, so you can quickly create items in any subject. 

IMPROVED: Inline Rationale
Description: When you enable rationale for answer options, we’ve changed the design so the rationale field appears beneath each answer option.
Purpose: This allows you to add and view rationale within the editing screen, so you can view the item content at the same time.


Additional Features and Enhancements

  • In HTML delivery, the candidate's last name now appears before their first name on the 'Confirm Details' screen at the start of a test and when the candidate resumes a test after taking a break.
  • The dialogues for creating tag values and adding tags to items have been enhanced to improve the user experience.
  • The Extended Matching question type is now supported in HTML delivery and available for you to create in HTML subjects.
  • Support for weighted many to many marking selections in the Extended matching question in HTML subjects. 
  • The Hotspot question type is now supported in HTML delivery and available for you to create in HTML subjects.
  • 'Advanced' Short Answer questions are now supported in Export to Word Document and Printable Tests.
  • Scripts now show as exported in the 'Audit' screen if the results have been extracted via the API.
Extended Matching enhancements video:

Integration: Updates to v2 of the API

There have been a number of improvements and updates to v2 of the Surpass API in Release 12.17.1, including:
  • The ability to POST, PUT, and GET File Attach item types.
  • The ability to POST, PUT and GET Extended Matching item types.
  • Support for item type and marking type in the Results API.
  • The ability to create and edit 'Authoring' tasks via the API. 
  • Support for assignees updating 'Review' task votes via the API while another user is previewing the same item. 
  • The ability to view item set headers in the Results API
  • Changes made to the Test API and TestSession API, to see which candidate is taking the live test/test form.
  • The ability to quickly register and schedule a candidate for a test using a single API call.


Integration: Updates to the OAPI

We have improved the Surpass OAPI, including:
  • Support for the AnalyticsResult resource. This provides you with the latest result data if any changes have taken place in 'Reporting'.
  • 'Item Search' and 'Item Lists' are now supported by the OAPI.
For an overview of the OAPI, please see the 'Introduction to the Surpass OAPI' article. If you would like to find out how to start using the OAPI, please contact your BTL Account Manager.


A Note on HTML Delivery

Adobe have announced that they will stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020.

In response to this, we are accelerating the move to convert Surpass from Flash to HTML5 based technology. Over the course of the conversion there will be a notable increase in the number of features that are only available in HTML delivery as we stop producing any new development in Flash.

For more information about the features that are currently supported in HTML, please see this article


Resolved Issues

ID: DE35478
Issue: When using source material in HTML delivery, candidates were unable to scroll up and down the page.
Resolution: Candidates can now scroll as expected.

ID: DE35225
Issue: If you applied text formatting to parts of a cell in a Spreadsheet question type, the formatting did not change after you clicked away from it.
Resolution: The text formatting now applies.

ID: DE35494
Issue: Some items were not loading in the 'Audit' tab of Surpass and SecureMarker.
Resolution: The items are now displaying as expected.

ID: DE35408
Issue: If you launched SecureClient BYOD mode with Word open, the wrong error message would display.
Resolution: The correct message now appears.

ID: DE35367
Issue: In a test with more than one piece of PDF source material, the highlighting tool and documents menu did not work.
Resolution: The highlight tool and documents menu now work as expected. 

ID: DE35287
Issue: After voting on an item in a 'Review' task, the changes were not reflected in the progress doughnut.
Resolution: Votes are now tracked in the progress doughnut of 'Review' tasks.

ID: DE35189
Issue: The ‘Total Test Time Remaining’ warning was not translating to the Welsh language in SecureClient and web delivery.
Resolution: The warning is now translated into Welsh.

ID: DE23485
Issue: When reviewing responses in a candidate review session, candidates were unable to view their own response because it was covered by the correct answer.
Resolution: There is now a two second delay before the correct answer is displayed, so candidates can view their own response first.

ID: DE27856
Issue: When uploading a file as part of the File Attach question type, candidates were unable to upload files where the file name contained any special characters.
Resolution: The only restricted characters for file names are now \ / : * ? “ < > 

ID: DE29402
Issue: Users were unable to open scripts in the ‘Mark’ screen by double-clicking on the script in the table.
Resolution: Users can now double-click on a script to open for marking.

ID: DE29823
Issue: It was taking more than a minute to load an item for preview in ‘Test Creation’.
Resolution: Items now load as expected when previewed in ‘Test Creation’.

ID: DE30439
Issue: When importing items from other sources or via the API, invisible phonetic characters were displayed in Japanese text.
Resolution: Japanese text containing phonetic characters displays correctly.

ID: DE30616
Issue: The cell height changed for candidates when answering a Spreadsheet question type.
Resolution: The cell now stays the same height.

ID: DE31025
Issue: The message presented to users when printing an invigilation pack was misleading.
Resolution: A clear message is now presented.

ID: DE31375
Issue: Subjects containing a large number of items were failing to export from the ‘Subjects’ tab of ‘Setup’.
Resolution: Subjects with a large number of items now export as expected.

ID: DE32646
Issue: The start and end time of candidate breaks was not logged in SecureClient.
Resolution: The start and end time of breaks are now logged.

ID: DE32714
Issue: When using the ‘Schedule and Create Keycodes’ option in ‘Share Test’, the username of the user scheduling the test is not shown in ‘Test Administration’.
Resolution: The correct username is now recorded in ‘Test Administration’.

ID: DE34305
Issue: A scroll bar appeared in a cell when marking a Spreadsheet question response externally, even when there was no more content in the cell.
Resolution: The scroll bar will not appear if it is not needed.

ID: DE34466
Issue: When a candidate moved backwards and forwards through a test in SecureClient, items opened several times, causing performance issues.
Resolution: The item opens once in SecureClient, as expected.

ID: DE34468
Issue:Welsh was incorrectly translated to English for “Yes” and “No” dialogues.
Resolution: These dialogues are now correctly translated to English.

ID: DE34764
Issue: Tests were delayed moving to the 'Audit' screen after being submitted.
Resolution: Scripts now move to the 'Audit' screen as expected.

ID: DE35497
Issue: Tests could still be scheduled past the ‘Maximum Advance Schedule’ value.
Resolution: Tests cannot be scheduled past the ‘Maximum Advance Schedule’ cut-off point.

ID: DE35537
Issue: Item set question breadcrumbs did not update correctly with ‘Item Set Numbering’ switched off.
Resolution: With ‘Item Set Numbering’ switched off, item set questions now appear as separate breadcrumbs with their own numbers.

ID: DE35550
Issue: Tests were failing to upload in HTML SecureClient for different time zones.
Resolution: Tests now upload for all local time zones.

ID: DE35593
Issue: If the ‘Schedule for Invigilate’ column on a ‘Bulk Schedule’ .csv was left blank, tests were not required to be invigilated, even if ‘Requires Invigilation’ was checked during ‘Test Creation’.
Resolution: If this column is left blank, tests are now scheduled using the original ‘Requires Invigilation’ setting.

ID: DE32843
Issue: When marking tests, users were sometimes unable to assign marks to responses.
Resolution: Users can now assign marks to responses, as expected.

ID: DE33050
Issue: Incorrect error message received when trying to edit a locked test form that contains an item that has been changed from ‘Live’ status.
Resolution: The correct error message now appears when opening a test form.

ID: DE33519
Issue: Error appears when trying to share a test through the ‘Share Test’ wizard if it contains content imported from other sources.
Resolution: Users can now share tests with content imported from other sources successfully.

ID: DE33920
Issue: Entering a special character in an alt text box in the Media Library causes an error.
Resolution: Special characters can now be entered in an alt text box in the Media Library.

ID: DE34110
Issue: Bulk updating items from ‘Draft’ to ‘Live’ status was not working correctly.
Resolution: You can now bulk update items successfully.

ID: DE34251
Issue: Incorrect paragraph spacing when opening a printable test.
Resolution: Paragraph spacing now behaves as expected in printable tests.

ID: DE34283
Issue: Citations on an item still appearing after they have been discarded.
Resolution: Citations are now discarded as expected.

ID: DE34900
Issue: Some users reported the username, feedback and Help guide buttons were not displaying correctly on the screen.
Resolution: These buttons now display correctly.

ID: DE34947
Issue: JAWS screen reader was reading text that should be hidden.
Resolution: JAWS screen reader now reads text as expected.

ID: DE34948
Issue: An error message would appear when entering a non-numerical value into an answer box. This was not read out by the JAWS screen reader and the error message would not display for a sufficient amount of time.
Resolution: The error message is read by the JAWS screen reader and displays for sufficient amount of time to be read.

ID: DE35067
Issue: Media would not open for candidates in delivery if the file name included an apostrophe.
Resolution: Media opens without issue if there is an apostrophe in the name.

ID: DE35070
Issue: Users were unable to add a new subject to a subject group that included any archived subjects.
Resolution: You can add new subjects to a subject group that contains archived subjects.

ID: DE35103
Issue: JAWS screen reader was not reading out the results page header in delivery.
Resolution: The JAWS screen reader now reads the header out on the results page.

ID: DE36174
Issue: Users were unable to navigate through a quality review test in HTML after downloading comments.
Resolution: You can now navigate through quality review tests as expected.

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