SecureMarker 2.16 Release Information (February 2019)

We've added some updates to SecureMarker in Release 2.16. Please see below for a description of each of the new features.

New and Improved Features

NEW: Response ID
Description: There is now a unique response ID for each candidate response to an item, which is shown in all screens within SecureMarker where the response is viewed. You can also now search by response ID in the 'Escalations' and 'Script Review' screens.
Purpose: This allows you to identify and find responses across multiple screens of SecureMarker. This may be useful when creating Control Items or reviewing marking.

IMPROVED: Search by Examiner in 'Script Review'
Description: When searching in the 'Script Review' screen, you can now choose between a 'General Search', 'Examiner Search' and 'Response ID Search'.
Purpose: This new 'Examiner Search' allows you to find any scripts that contain one or more responses marked by a particular examiner where as 'Response ID Search' allows you enter a 'Response ID' to bring back a specific script. 

Resolved Issues

ID: DE35494
Issue: Some items were not loading in the 'Audit' tab of Surpass and SecureMarker.
Resolution: The items are now displaying as expected.   

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