SecureMarker Developments in Progress

This article was last updated on 23/06/2020

About: This article is designed to give early sight of new features planned for SecureMarker, along with wireframes and videos where available. This article will be updated regularly, so do check back for updates. 

Please note that this is designed to give an indication of planned features only. All of the features listed here are currently in development and are subject to change. Further details can be found by selecting the feature number which takes you to the entry on the customer portal.

Coming Soon

Please see the latest release notes to find out about developments coming soon.

Further Ahead

Feature: Support for marking HTML items in SecureMarker (F3268)
Details: You will be able to view and mark HTML items in SecureMarker. This will include HTML only items and items with enhanced HTML functionality, such as Likert Survey items and Advanced Short Answer items.  
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Victoria Coble

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