Surpass 12.18 Release Information (April 2019)

We've introduced some exciting new features in the 12.18 release of Surpass. Read a brief description of each feature below. 

Watch the Surpass 12.18 Release Playlist on the Learning Portal for a demonstration of some of the key features.

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of Surpass. Please check the version of your instance.

New and Improved Features

Test Delivery

IMPROVED: Delivery Support for Audio Capture 
Description: The Voice Capture question is now called Audio Capture in Surpass and we now support the delivery of Audio Capture questions in HTML SecureClient with the following features:
  • A microphone check for tests containing Audio Capture questions.
  • A waveform to show the candidate a visual representation of their input when they speak into the microphone.
  • A warning if candidates unplug or mute their microphone whilst answering an Audio Capture question.
  • Back up of the candidate's audio recording every 30 seconds.
Purpose: These features ensure the candidate's microphone is functioning well and consistently during their response. The item type now also supports both online and offline testing.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient

IMPROVED: File Attach Question Type
Description: The File Attach question type is now compatible in HTML delivery methods. It has also been improved to include the removal of the upload button for 'Managed' File Attach questions to enhance the candidate experience.
Purpose: This enhancement will ensure the candidate can interact with this question type in all delivery methods correctly. 
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient and HTML Web Delivery



Note: 'Tasks' is now out of beta.

NEW: Search and Filter on 'Tasks' Screen
Description: You can now search, order, and filter entries on the main 'Tasks' list. 
Purpose: This allows you to hide irrelevant and completed tasks as well as quickly find specific tasks.

NEW: Customise Tag Groups
Description: You can now customise the tag groups that assignees can edit in ‘Authoring’ and ‘Review’ tasks.
Purpose: This allows you to control assignees’ access to tag groups so they do not make any unwanted changes to an item’s tags.

NEW: Task Assignee Subject Restrictions
Description: Users will only be able to be assigned to tasks if they have access to the task's parent subject.
Purpose: This restriction enhances 'Tasks' security, preventing unwanted users from seeing potentially sensitive material. 

NEW: Export Task Items to Word
Description: You can now export all items in a ‘Review’ task to a Word document. For Multiple Copy ‘Review’ tasks, this exports both central and review copies of an item.
Purpose: This allows you to review and compare reviewed items offline.

IMPROVED: Item List Order in 'Tasks'
Description: Items in an item list will appear in 'Review' and 'Authoring' tasks in the same order they appear in the 'Item Lists' screen..
Purpose: This ensures consistency across 'Item Lists' and 'Tasks'.

IMPROVED: Multiple Copy Reviews - Item Comparison
Description: A lead assignee can load the original item and an edited copy of the item in a side-by-side view.
Purpose: The lead assignee can compare both versions of the item simultaneously.

IMPROVED: View and Restore Previous Item Versions in 'Tasks'
Description: An assignee can select a previous version of an item from a drop-down menu in ‘Comparison View’. A lead assignee can also load a previous version of an item in the 'Comparison View' in a Multiple Copy 'Review' task.
Purpose: The storing of previous versions of an item allows assignees to see the full audit trail of an item. A lead assignee can also undo any unwanted changes. 

IMPROVED: Promote Changes from Assignee Copies
Description: A lead assignee can ‘Promote’ all changes within an item from the assignee’s edited copy to the original item in Multiple Copy 'Review' and 'Authoring' tasks. An assignee can copy changes from previous versions of an item to the item they are currently authoring.
Purpose: This speeds up the copying process for task assignees.

IMPROVED: Rationale in Side-by-Side Task View
Description: A lead assignee can now see rationale alongside an item in a Multiple Copy 'Review' task.
Purpose: This allows a lead assignee to 'Promote' rationale to the original item in a Multiple Copy 'Review' task (see above).


Item Authoring

NEW: Advanced Settings for Audio Capture Questions
Description: New options have been added to the Audio Capture question type in HTML subjects, including: 

  • beeps on recording start/end
  • allowing candidate audio playback
  • configurable media controls
  • control over attempts
Purpose: This allows you to customise the Audio Capture question type for different types of testing in HTML delivery. 

NEW: Attach Source Material to Item Sets
Description: You can now attach source material to item sets. The source material appears on all items within the set.
Purpose: This feature ensure all items within an item set share the same source material.

NEW: Bulk Update to support Fixing Item Order in Item Sets
Description: You can now apply the ‘Fix the order of items’ item set setting to multiple item sets using ‘Bulk Update’.
Purpose: This allows users to fix or unfix the order of items in multiple item sets simultaneously.  

IMPROVED: Bulk Update Major Versioning 
Description: Updating an item with ‘Live’ status, an item’s owner or status using ‘Bulk Update’ will create a major version of the item as per the Version Compare feature. 
Purpose: This feature ensures that updating items with ‘Bulk Update’ supports the expected versioning behaviour. 

IMPROVED: Create, Edit and Delete Tag Collections
Description: You can now create, edit and delete tag collections. For more information, please see the Tag Collection Groups help page.
Purpose: This feature allows users to manage tag collections within the Surpass UI. Previously you could only do this using the API. 

IMPROVED: Survey MRQ Additional Answer Box for Answer Options
Description: You can now add an additional answer box to an answer option in a Multiple Response Survey question.
Purpose: The candidate can expand on their choices within the additional text box after selecting the answer option. For example, you might ask a candidate to provide more information if they have selected an 'Other' or 'None of the above' answer option.


Test Creation

IMPROVED: Performance when Loading Test Forms
Description: For test forms containing over 50 items or rules, you now select a button to load the test form content from the 'Test Form Rules' screen.
Purpose: This improves performance when loading a test form to edit.


Test Administration

NEW: 'Mark (Beta)' Screen 
Description: The HTML 'Mark' screen is the replacement for the current Flash-based 'Mark' screen. This is currently in beta as it is currently in development.
Purpose: The HTML 'Mark' screen allows you to mark both HTML and Flash tests in Surpass. 

NEW: Show to Centre
Description: You can enable the new 'Show to Centre' setting to allow users to view candidate responses in the 'Results' screen. 
Purpose: This feature allows users without the site-level 'Audit' permission to view scripts after results have been released.

NEW: Show ‘Admin Console' in SecureClient Keycode Window
Description:  A user with 'Invigilate' and the new 'SecureClient Admin Console' permissions  can access the 'Admin Console' of SecureClient to view and submit stored tests.
Purpose: Users who have the login details for the instance will be able to access tests associated with that SecureClient app on that local machine.
Affected Delivery Method: SecureClient and HTML SecureClient 



IMPROVED: Read-only Tag Groups
Description: You can now create read-only tag groups.
Purpose: This feature allows you to create read-only tag groups so that item authors without the necessary permission can only view and not edit tags.


Integration: Updates to v2 of the API

There have been a number of improvements and updates to v2 of the Surpass API in Release 12.18, including:
  • A new 'includeItems' parameter in the TestForm resource GET method to retrieve further section and item information from a test form.
  • Support for a new 'sectionMediaReplays' parameter in the TestForm resource PUT and GET methods to limit the number of times a candidate can replay media in a section.
  • A new 'returnDownloadData' parameter in the TestSession and Result resources to get information about the device that a test was downloaded to.


Integration: Updates to the OAPI

We have improved the Surpass OAPI, including:
  • 'Essay' question type POST and PUT resources.
  • Full support for tag groups (GET, PUT, POST and DELETE resources).
For an overview of the OAPI, please see the 'Introduction to the Surpass OAPI' article. If you would like to find out how to start using the OAPI, please contact your BTL Account Manager.


A Note on HTML Delivery

Adobe have announced that they will stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020. In response to this, we are accelerating the move to convert Surpass from Flash to HTML5 based technology. Over the course of the conversion there will be a notable increase in the number of features that are only available in HTML delivery as we stop producing any new development in Flash.

We have converted the following functionality to HTML in this release:
  • Drag and Drop question type
  • Resume code (HTML BYOD SecureClient)
For more information about the features that are currently supported in HTML, please see this article

We also intend to reduce the risk of conflicts and errors by reducing the amount of Flash content in the system by the end of 2020. Therefore, we advise you to start creating or converting your content for HTML delivery. This includes converting Flash media files (.flv and .swf) to new file formats that are compatible with HTML. For more information, please see this article


SecureClient System Requirements

We’ve updated the system requirements for SecureClient and moved them from the launch test page to the Knowledge Base. You can see the update system requirements here.

If you have any queries, please speak to your BTL Account Manager.


Resolved Issues

ID: DE35104
Issue: The source material tool icon in a test form was not automatically updating to reflect the test form validation status until the user closed and reopened the ‘Edit Test Form’ window. 
Resolution: The source material tool icon in a test form now automatically updates according to whether the test form is valid or invalid.

ID: DE35354
Issue: Users were unable to add sections to tests set up to as computer-based projects.
Resolution: Sections can now be added to a computer-based project. 

ID: DE35497
Issue: Users were able to schedule a test further in advance than specified in the ‘Maximum Advance Schedule (Days)’ site setting.
Resolution: The ‘Maximum Advance Schedule (Days)’ setting works as expected. Users are prevented from scheduling tests to begin further in advance than the number of days specified.

ID: DE33427 
Issue: Markers were unable to see text in a text cell of a spreadsheet question when the candidate applied a colour preference to delivery that applied white text.
Resolution: Text colour now changes back to black in ‘Test Administration’ regardless of the colour preference the candidate applied.

ID: DE34240
Issue: Centre names containing special characters displayed incorrectly when using bulk schedule.
Resolution: Centre names containing special characters now display correctly.

ID: DE34290
Issue: Tests taken in SecureClient BYOD Mode were freezing when the candidate tried to navigate between File Attach and Multiple Response questions.
Resolution: Tests no longer freeze when navigating between question in SecureClient BYOD Mode.

ID: DE34445
Issue: When users were uploading candidates to Surpass and filtered the subjects to associate candidates with, ‘Select All’ selected all available subjects, not just the filtered subjects.
Resolution: There is now a new tickbox that allows users to select only filtered subjects.

ID: DE36840
Issue: Item searches were not completing. Users were stuck on loading wheel.
Resolution: Item searches can now be completed.

ID: DE37078
Issue: Spaces were appearing between pipe separators and LOs in the ‘Learning Objectives’ column of LOFT item pool .csv files.
Resolution: There are now no spaces between pipe separators and LOs.

ID: DE37439
Issue: Table question types were not being correctly awarded marks when tests were sat in SecureClient.
Resolution: Table questions sat in SecureClient are now being awarded marks as expected.

ID: DE35604
Issue: The correct PDF resource icons were not being highlighted in HTML test content when the relevant PDF was selected in the PDF viewer.
Resolution: The appropriate resource icon is now highlighted in the test content when selected in the PDF viewer.

ID: DE35668
Issue: Surpass was incorrectly marking tests with percentage grade boundaries.
Resolution: Percentage marks are now calculated correctly.

ID: DE35855
Issue: Searching for a specific candidate in the ‘Invigilate’ screen brought back multiple candidates.
Resolution: Searching for a specific candidate in the ‘Invigilate’ screen now brings back only the specified candidate. 
ID: DE35877
Issue: The calculator tool was not translating to Japanese in HTML delivery.
Resolution: The calculator tool now translates to Japanese.

ID: DE36062
Issue: Candidates were unable to interact properly if colour preferences were changed in HTML delivery.
Resolution: Candidates can now interact with videos as expected when they change the colour preference.

ID: DE36114
Issue: Some text was not translated from English to French Canadian in 'Test Creation'.
Resolution: The text is now translated correctly.

ID: DE36174
Issue: In a Quality Review test, SecureClient was unresponsive once the comments were downloaded from the Quality Review panel and not all comments were saved.
Resolution: Comments appear as expected when users download comments from the Quality Review panel and users can continue through the test. 

ID: DE36223
Issue: When an item’s answer was changed in 'Rescoring', this change was not reflected in the ItemResponse data from an API call.
Resolution: Rescoring changes are now reflected in the ItemResponse data.

ID: DE36275
Issue: Users were unable to flag a test for re-mark in 'Audit' when the test had first been marked in SecureMarker.
Resolution: You can now flag a test for re-mark in 'Audit' when it has been marked in SecureMarker. 

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