SecureMarker 2.17 Release Information (April 2019)

We've added new functionality to SecureMarker in Release 2.17 to streamline the moderation process. 

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of SecureMarker. Please check the version of your instance.

NEW: 'Moderated' Toggle
Description: You can now indicate when a script has been moderated using the new 'Moderated' toggle on the 'Script Review' screen. This places a green tick in the 'Moderated' column next to the chosen script(s). 
Purpose: This allows you to clearly indicate to users when a script has been moderated. For example, you may apply this when you have completed moderation of a script.

IMPROVED: Enhancements to the 'Script Review' Screen 
Description: The following changes have been made to the script review screen:
  • 'VIP Mode' has changed to 'VIP' and is now indicated by a person icon
  • A new moderated column has been added and displays a green tick
  • A 'Score Change' indicator has been added, displayed by a pencil next to scores that have been changed during moderation
Purpose: These changes clearly indicate the process and states of scripts. 

Resolved Issues

ID: DE36645 
Issue: When a large number of items with mark schemes attached were exported to SecureMarker mark scheme updates would not feed through. 
Resolution: Any changes made to mark schemes now update to SecureMarker.

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