Surpass 12.19 Release Information (August 2019)

We've introduced some exciting new features in the 12.19 release of Surpass. Read a brief description of each feature below. 

Watch the Surpass 12.19 Release Playlist on the Learning Portal for a demonstration of some of the key features.

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of Surpass. Please check the version of your instance.

New and Improved Features

Test Delivery

NEW: Successful Test Upload Message
Description: Candidates now receive confirmation that their responses have been uploaded at the end of a test. 
Purpose: This feature assures candidates that their test has been uploaded successfully.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML Delivery, HTML SecureClient

NEW: Surpass Document and Spreadsheet Editor
Description: Candidates can now work in fully secure, stand-alone document and spreadsheet applications in File Attach question types authored in 'Managed' mode.
Purpose: This feature eliminates the need for the use of Word and Excel applications.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient BYOD mode

NEW: Recording Status in Audio Capture
Description: A red icon now displays to the candidate if the ‘Record’ button is hidden.
Purpose: This feature makes it clear to candidates when they are recording when the ‘Record’ button is hidden.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML Delivery, HTML SecureClient

IMPROVED: HTML Support for Battery of Tests
Description: This feature supports the delivery of multiple tests one after another without SecureClient being repeatedly launched.
Purpose: To support this feature in HTML SecureClient as it was previously only compatible with Flash delivery.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient

IMPROVED: PDF Viewer Controls
Description: This feature hides controls in the PDF Viewer that are not applicable to the current document (for example, page controls for a one-page document).
Purpose: By hiding unused controls, the PDF Viewer is now much easier to use.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient  

IMPROVED: SecureClient Close Behaviour
Description: SecureClient will no longer auto-restart when you select 'Close'.
Purpose: This feature ensures that SecureClient remains closed when candidates exit the application.
Affected Delivery Method: SecureClient

IMPROVED: Display Scale Score in Test Feedback
Description: The 'Test Feedback' screen will include a scale score if a scale score file is uploaded to the test form.
Purpose: Previously candidates would be shown the raw percentage mark and not the scaled score for tests with a scale score uploaded.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML Delivery, HTML SecureClient



NEW: Adding Attachments to Tasks
Description: You can now add up to 30 attachments to 'Authoring' and 'Review' Tasks.
Purpose: This feature allows you to ensure tasks assignees have all the information they need to complete the task.

IMPROVED: Multiple Lead Assignees
Description: Task managers can assign multiple lead assignees when creating ‘Authoring’, Single Copy and Multiple Copy 'Review' tasks.
Purpose: This provides more flexibility for larger tasks where one lead assignee is insufficient.

IMPROVED: Support for Item Sets in Tasks
Description: You can now see an item set in the navigation breadcrumb of a task, as well as view and edit an item set’s settings.
Purpose: This allows you to edit and review item sets in 'Tasks'.

IMPROVED: Track Changes in 'Authoring' Tasks
Description: You can now enable track changes when you create an ‘Authoring’ task. 
Purpose: This provides an audit trail of any changes made to text boxes.

Task Enhancements video:


Item Authoring

NEW: Item Templates
Description: Users with the 'Manage Templates' permission can now create templates of items in the new 'Templates' tab. Item authors can use these to create items in HTML subjects.
Purpose: This saves time for item authors who create many similar items.

NEW: Component Templates
Description: Users with the 'Manage Templates' permission can now create component templates in the new 'Templates' tab. Component templates are blocks of pre-created information that can be inserted into any text box in a HTML subject.
Purpose: This saves time for item authors who use many similar components, such as tables or other HTML-created content.

NEW: Item Duration (HTML Delivery)
Description: You can now set a time limit for items in HTML subjects using the new 'Item Duration' setting.
Purpose: This is useful for ensuring that candidates only have a specified amount of time to respond.

NEW: Item Content Delay (HTML Delivery)
Description: The new 'Item Content Delay' setting in HTML subjects allows you to delay the appearance of an item’s question stem, source material and answer options while media plays. This setting works with the new 'Item Duration' setting.
Purpose: You can force candidates to engage with media before they answer their question.

NEW: Media Layout on Introduction and Finish Pages
Description: You can now choose from additional media layouts when adding media to Introduction and Finish pages.
Purpose: This feature gives you more options when formatting your items.

NEW: Media Player Options
Description: This feature gives item authors greater control over how .mp3 and .mp4 media files interact with item content. For example, users can set automatic playback with a limited number of plays before candidates are prevented from viewing the media.
Purpose: This feature increases the media player’s applicability to more varied use cases by adding more customisation options.

NEW: Sort item lists by multiple columns
Description: This feature allows users to re-order item lists by sorting on multiple columns.
Purpose: You now have more precise control over how item lists are ordered and presented in tasks.

NEW: Resize Text Boxes
Description: We have added a new 'Resize' button to the toolbar of text boxes.
Purpose: This allows you to view all content at once without needing a scrollbar.

IMPROVED: Media File Limit
Description: You can now embed up to 30 media files on an item.
Purpose: This feature gives you more flexiblity when adding media that candidates need to answer the question.

IMPROVED: Spreadsheet Import
Description: Users can now import item sets, information pages, essay questions and custom tags using a spreadsheet.
Purpose: This gives item authors more options when importing items.

IMPROVED: Uploading Mark Schemes
Description: We now support mark schemes in .xls, .xlsx and .pdf formats. You can now also upload mark schemes to both computer and human-marked questions.
Purpose: These enhancements provide you with more flexibility when adding mark schemes to items.

IMPROVED: Support for Information pages in Version Compare
Description: If you have 'Version Compare' enabled, you can now use this functionality with Information pages.
Purpose: This allows you to compare previous versions of an Information page during the editing process.

IMPROVED: Adding Inline Comments
Description: You can now add inline comments from the right-click menu in text boxes, as well as from the formatting toolbar.
Purpose: This makes it easier for item authors to add inline comments.

IMPROVED: New Item Set Location
Description: The option to create a new item set has moved to the 'Create New Item' menu.
Purpose: This location is more logical as we continue to develop the use of item sets in line with other items, such as item set tags and enemy relationships.

IMPROVED: Special Characters
Description: The special characters available to use in text boxes now include up and down arrows.
Purpose: This gives item authors more options when using special characters.


Test Creation

IMPROVED: Delivery Presentation Options in Test Profiles (HTML Delivery)
Description: There are three new options for HTML delivery when editing the ‘Delivery Presentation’ of a Test Profile. You can now choose to show or hide:
  • Question Information
  • Section Information
  • Next Button on Last Page
Purpose: The ‘Question Information’ and ‘Section Information’ settings allow you to further customise the appearance of delivery. The ‘Next Button on Last Page’ option allows you to make it clear to candidates that there are no further questions in the test.

IMPROVED: Managing Item Pools
Description: We have created a central location for you to manage item pools for LOFT tests.
Purpose: This feature makes it easier to update item pools for multiple tests.

IMPROVED: Branching Support
Description: Branching XML logic now supports 'No Action' as a valid response. You can branch candidates to a different question if they do not choose any answer in a multiple choice question.
Purpose: This gives test creators increased flexibility when creating branching tests.


Test Administration

Note: The Mark (Beta) screen has been temporarily removed. It will return in a future release with enhanced functionality.

IMPROVED: 'Schedule' Screen Default View
Description: Users can define the view in the ‘Schedule’ screen in ‘Site Settings’. They can choose either to ‘show each candidate view’ or ‘group by session’.
Purpose: Test administrators do not need to manually change the view on the 'Schedule' screen.

IMPROVED: 'Audit Report' button
Description: The 'Audit Report' is now available in the 'Audit' screen as a separate button.
Purpose: This allows you to more easily view audit information about a candidate's script.



NEW: Subject Management in Centres
Description: Users can associate multiple subjects with centres and manage subject-level permissions within the ‘Centres’ tab.
Purpose: This saves time as users can now associate multiple subjects with centres at once in the ‘Centres’ tab.

IMPROVED: Centre Users Sharing Subjects
Description: Centre-level users can share subjects with centres.
Purpose: Centre-level users can manage subjects without requiring full site-level permissions.


Site Settings

NEW: API Settings
Description: You can now restrict access to the Surpass API by creating a whitelist of IP addresses.
Purpose: This allows you to prevent unspecified IP addresses from accessing the Surpass API.


Integration: Updates to v2 of the API

There have been a number of improvements and updates to v2 of the Surpass API, including:
  • A new 'includeItems' parameter in the TestForm resource GET method to retrieve further section and item information from a test form.
  • A new 'sectionMediaReplays' parameter in the TestForm resource PUT and GET methods to limit the number of times a candidate can replay media in a section.
  • A new 'returnDownloadData' parameter in the TestSession and Result resources to get information about the device that a test was downloaded to.

A Note on HTML Delivery

Adobe have announced that they will stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020. In response to this, we are accelerating the move to convert Surpass from Flash to HTML5 based technology. Over the course of the conversion there will be a notable increase in the number of features that are only available in HTML delivery as we stop producing any new development in Flash.

For more information about the features that are currently supported in HTML, please see this article

We also intend to reduce the risk of conflicts and errors by reducing the amount of Flash content in the system by the end of 2020. Therefore, we advise you to start creating or converting your content for HTML delivery. This includes converting Flash media files (.flv and .swf) to new file formats that are compatible with HTML. For more information, please see this article.


Resolved Issues

ID: DE35107
Issue: Dutch translations were incorrect when creating paper tests via the Test Wizard.
Resolution: The translations now appear correctly.

ID: DE35652
Issue: Enemy items were preventing users from editing tests in the Test Wizard.
Resolution: Users can now edit tests in the Test Wizard that contain items with enemy items.

ID: DE36397
Issue: If a test was delivered in web delivery, marked in SecureMarker, and then flagged for remarking, Essay question responses were not displaying correctly in Candidate Reviews.
Resolution: Essay responses now display correctly in Candidate Reviews.

ID: DE37003
Issue: When answering Spreadsheet questions in tests sat using SecureClient, scrolling with the mouse wheel was moving the page too quickly.
Resolution: Mouse wheel scrolling now moves the page at a normal rate.

ID: DE37214
Issue: The Raw Data Extract was not producing a report for some subjects.
Resolution: The Raw Data Extract is now working as expected. 

ID: DE37293
Issue: Users were unable to view the 'Tests Delivered' report in 'Reporting' when more than 3000 tests had been delivered in a test form. 
Resolution: Users can now access the data when selecting ‘Tests Delivered’.

ID: DE37601
Issue: Users were unable to schedule a test via the API if they changed the language from English to either Vietnamese, Indonesian, or Khmer. 
Resolution: Users can now schedule a test in any language via the API.

ID: DE37670
Issue: There was an extra line break above the question text in items that were imported via the QTI 2.1.
Resolution: The extra line break no longer appears. 

ID: DE37848
Issue: When replying to inline comments, users had to click into the text box before typing a response.
Resolution: Text is recorded when users select the ‘Reply’ button and they do not have to click into the text box.

ID: DE37887
Issue: Centre-level users with certain permissions were unable to see other users associated with the same centre in ‘Setup’.
Resolution: Centre-level users can now see other users associated with the same centre.

ID: DE37894
Issue: The ‘Hide zoom controls’ label in the image viewer was not aliased in HTML SecureClient.
Resolution: The label is now aliased.

ID: DE38056
Issue: Users were not able to see uploaded item pool or rules files in the ‘LOFT’ screen.
Resolution: Users can now view and access item pool and rules files once they are defined.

ID: DE38217
Issue: When navigating a ‘Review’ task with a large number of items, the breadcrumb navigation panel was not scrolling, so users could not select items.
Resolution: The breadcrumb navigation panel is now scrollable.

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