SecureMarker 2.18 Release Information (August 2019)

We've added new functionality to SecureMarker in Release 2.18. 

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of SecureMarker. Please check the version of your instance.


IMPROVED: Allow external reference to be searchable in Script Review
Description: You can now choose to search for scripts by 'External Reference' in the 'Script Review' screen. 
Purpose: This allows you to search for specific scripts more easily.

IMPROVED: Support for Shared Resources when marking
Description: You can now open files added as shared resources to items in the 'Marking' screen. 
Purpose: This allows examiners to access files attached to items as the candidate would in delivery.

Resolved Issues

ID: DE36544
Issue: Newer versions of items were displayed in all scripts in SecureMarker, regardless of which item version the candidate saw in delivery.
Resolution: The correct version of the item now appears in SecureMarker.

ID: DE37680
Issue: Marks for item groups were displaying incorrectly in the table when moderating a script.
Resolution: Marks now display correctly when moderating item groups.

ID: DE38058
Issue: The 'Score Change' icon is not visible next to a large score with the current column width.
Resolution: The column widths in the table on the 'Script Review' screen now allow you to see the 'Score Change' icon.

ID: DE38079
Issue: Moderated scores were not appearing in the 'Review' screen.
Resolution: Moderated scores now appear correctly.

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