SecureMarker 2.19 Release Information (November 2019)

We've added new functionality to SecureMarker in release 2.19. Read the feature descriptions below for more information.

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of SecureMarker. Please check the version of your instance.

New and Improved Features

NEW: Confirm Results Wizard 
Description: You can now use a wizard-based process to confirm results back to Surpass from the 'Script Review' screen. This allows you to filter results by exam, the date submitted by the candidate, and scripts with the 'Moderated' toggle applied.
Purpose: This reduces the time it takes to confirm a large number of results.

IMPROVED: Configure Moderate Comments
Description: There is now a toggle in the 'Quality Control' screen that allows you to control whether users must add a comment when they change a mark for a response during moderation.
Purpose: This gives you more control over the moderation process.

IMPROVED: Additional Options Menu in 'Quality Control'
Description: Some of the toggles controlling exam-level settings on the 'Quality Control' screen are now in a new 'Additional Options' menu, including decimal marking, marking restrictions, CI feedback, and the new moderate comments setting.
Purpose: This simplifies the 'Quality Control' UI.

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