SecureMarker 2.20 Release Information (January 2020)

We've improved the functionality of the 'Script Review' screen in SecureMarker in release 2.20. 

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of SecureMarker. Please check the version of your instance.


NEW: Export scripts wizard
Description: You can now use a wizard-based process to export script data in the 'Script Review' screen. This allows you to filter scripts by exam, the date submitted by the candidate, and the marking status.
Purpose: This allows you to export data for multiple scripts at once.

IMPROVED: Download CSV limit in 'Script Review'
Description: We have increased the limit on the 'Download CSV' functionality in the 'Script Review' screen so you can export data for up to 15000 scripts.
Purpose: This allows you to export large numbers of scripts at once.

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