Surpass 12.22 Release Information (June 2020)

We've introduced some exciting new features and performance enhancements in the 12.22 release of Surpass. Read a brief description of each feature below.

Watch the Surpass 12.22 Release Playlist on the Learning Portal for a demonstration of some of the key features.

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of Surpass. Please check the version of your instance.

New and Improved Features

IMPROVED: Self-service password and security question change
Description: You can reset your password and security question once logged in.
Purpose: This improves security for users. 


NEW: Close Source Material in SecureClient 
Description: Candidates can now close docked source material in SecureClient tests. You can enable this in Test Profiles.
Purpose: This gives the candidate the option to close docked source material.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient
WCAG Conformance: Not conformant with WCAG 2.0 level A (known issue, captured in F5528)

IMPROVED: Accessibility improvements for Essay items
Details: Essay items with the formatting toolbar enabled are now compatible with JAWS screen readers. These items cannot be delivered, previewed, or marked in Internet Explorer due to compatibility issues.
Purpose: This ensures that Essay items are now accessible in delivery.
Affected Delivery Method: HTML web delivery, HTML SecureClient
WCAG Conformance: Conformant with WCAG 2.0 level AA

IMPROVED: Accessibility improvements for Multiple Choice questions
Details: You can now add checkboxes to Multiple Choice items so that they are compatible with JAWS screen readers.
Purpose: Multiple Choice questions are now accessible in delivery.  
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient, HTML web delivery
WCAG ConformanceConformant with WCAG 2.0 level AA

IMPROVED: SecureClient enhanced update process
Description: We have enhanced the update process for SecureClient.
Purpose: This reduces errors and takes less time.
Affected Delivery Method: SecureClient, HTML SecureClient, SecureClient BYOD Mode, HTML SecureClient BYOD Mode
WCAG Conformance: Not assessed with WCAG 2.0 level AA


NEW: Tag Collections in Tasks
Description: You can now assign tag collections to 'Authoring' and 'Review' tasks.
Purpose: This feature lets you view and compare multiple tag collections in a task.

Item Authoring

IMPROVED: Boolean search user interface in ‘Item Search’
Description: This feature adds a new interface for Boolean search logic in ‘Item Search’.
Purpose: The new Boolean interface allows for easier creation of complex search criteria in ‘Item Search’, including selectable AND and OR operators.

Test Creation

NEW: Update item versions in an item pool
Description: You can now update all of the items in your item pool to the latest versions using a new 'Update Item Pool' button in the 'Item Pools' screen.
Purpose: This allows you to apply the latest item versions to your item pool including the marks, tags, and content of items. 
IMPROVED: Split item sets across test sections
Description: You can now split item sets in the rules XML for LOFT tests so that pre-test items can be distributed across sections and are not ordered consecutively. You can also define the positional range that items can be ordered in within a single section.
Purpose: This feature allows the random selection of pre-test items during the test form creation process.

IMPROVED: Test form item list performance
Description: To improve the performance of the test form item list, sections in the list are now collapsed by default, and sections collapse if the test duration timing setting is changed. 
Purpose: This feature allows for quicker loading times where you have lots of items in a test.

Test Administration

NEW: View HTML content in Test Administration
Description: You can now view content delivered in HTML tests in the 'View Responses' dialog in the ‘Moderate’, ‘Results’, ‘Re-Mark’, and ‘Audit’ screens, including File Attach questions.
Purpose: You can now moderate and view HTML content in the Test Administration screens.

NEW: HTML Audio Capture playback for marking
Description: The ‘View Responses’ dialog now supports playback functionality for Audio Capture items delivered in HTML tests. Users can also see the number of candidate attempts.
Purpose: This enables you to mark HTML Audio Capture items.


NEW: Edit tag values
Description: You can now edit tag values in the Setup screen.
Purpose: This feature allows you to update the names of tag values in Surpass.

IMPROVED: Subject-level user creation redesign
Description: We have redesigned the way you assign roles to subject-level users based on centre or subject priority.
Purpose: This saves time and improves flexibility when assigning user roles to subjects across multiple centres.


Performance Improvements

There have been a number of improvements and updates to the performance of Surpass, including:
  • SecureClient updates are now quicker.
  • Saving items now takes less time.
  • Moving items to folders or other subjects is now quicker.
  • Tag collections update quicker where you have lots of tags.

Integration: API v2

There have been a number of improvements and updates to v2 of the Surpass API, including:
  • A new optional flag in the POST TestSchedule resource that persists in the TestSession resource and auto-groups items when they are sent to SecureMarker.
  • A new ScannedResponses POST method in the TestSession resource which uploads scanned paper responses to Surpass and SecureMarker.


A Note on HTML Delivery

Adobe have announced that they will stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020. In response to this, we are accelerating the move to convert Surpass from Flash to HTML5 based technology.

Over the course of the conversion there will be a notable increase in the number of features that are only available in HTML delivery as we stop producing any new development in Flash. For more information about the features that are not currently supported in HTML, please see this article.

If you would like help understanding how to convert your items and exam content to HTML, please contact your account manager to arrange a consultation discussion.


Resolved Issues

ID: DE41812
Issue: The viewing time recorded in the Result Data database does not match what is recorded in the candidate interaction logs.
Resolution: The viewing time in the Result Data database now matches the viewing time in the candidate logs.

ID: DE41971
Issue: When sharing a test with learning outcome boundaries using a weblink, users could pass the test without meeting the specified pass mark.
Resolution: When tests are shared using a weblink, learning outcome boundaries work as expected.

ID: DE41863
Issue: Hints were not displaying as expected in HTML delivery and prevented candidates from continuing the test.
Resolution: Hints now display and work as expected.

ID: DE41623
Issue: Source material was slow to load in HTML delivery and took 3-5 seconds to display.
Resolution: Source material now loads faster.

ID: DE28937
Issue: Subjects that had been marked as ‘Active (Registration closed)’ were still selectable when uploading candidates.
Resolution: You can no longer select subjects marked as ‘Active (Registration closed)’ when uploading candidates.

ID: DE41418
Issue: When an Audio Capture response had been stored in offline HTML SecureClient, if the same item was then loaded on a different machine the candidate could only see a white screen.
Resolution: You can now load Audio Capture items that have been stored in offline HTML SecureClient on different machines.

ID: DE41400
Issue: If you created a user via the API, you could then create a user with the same reference or username in the UI. 
Resolution: If a user is created via the API, now the reference or username cannot be used to create a different user in the UI.

ID: DE41390
Issue: If you edited an item in an 'Authoring' task with tracked changes enabled, when you previewed the item any content that had been deleted still displayed. If a user previewed and then saved, all the deleted content would remain on the item and be displayed in delivery.
Resolution: Now, if you edit an item with tracked changes, any deleted content is removed from the item and is not displayed in delivery or in preview.

ID: DE38084
Issue: When viewing Surpass in Dutch the search bar was not visible when sharing a test through the Test Wizard.
Resolution: When viewing Surpass in Dutch the search bar is now working as expected.

ID: DE38560
Issue: In BYOD SecureClient tests the wrong message was displayed on the PIN screen when in French.
Resolution: Now the correct message is displayed for tests in French on the PIN screen for BYOD SecureClient.

ID: DE39187
Issue: In Item Authoring, the pencil icon was reappearing on items after they had been saved and no further changes had been made.
Resolution: The pencil icon now only appears on items that are being edited.

ID: DE40508
Issue: Users were unable to create subject groups when the subject name or associated centre name contained special characters.
Resolution: You can now create subject groups as expected.

ID: DE40513
Issue: Centre names containing & were not appearing correctly.
Resolution: Centres names containing & now appear correctly.

ID: DE39036
Issue: Edits made to the text font or colour on the home page were not being saved.
Resolution: Changes are now saved as expected.

ID: DE40833
Issue: Users were unable to preview an item in an 'Authoring' task if they had copied and pasted multiple lines of text into the answer rationale.
Resolution: Users can now preview items as expected.

ID: DE41003
Issue: When adding a new row to a Multiple Choice question with ‘Answer options as a table’ in a HTML subject, the new row automatically became the correct answer.
Resolution: The correct answer does not change when you add a new row. 

ID: DE38084
Issue: The ‘Select Test Form’ searchbar on the ‘Share Test’ dialog was not visible when the Surpass interface language was set to Dutch.
Resolution: The searchbar is now visible when the Surpass interface language is set to Dutch. 

ID: DE39801
Issue: The quality review panel was displaying incorrectly for tests delivered in Japanese.
Resolution: The quality review panel now displays as expected.

ID: DE40088
Issue: Items containing tables created with merged cells which include the characters & < > break when they are exported to Word. This meant tables with these characters could not be included in printed tests.
Resolution: Items containing tables with & < > in merged cells can now be exported to Word. 

ID: DE40344
Issue: There was incorrect spacing between the buttons on the item comments dialog when taking a test in French-Canadian in HTML web delivery.
Resolution: There is now correct spacing between the item comment buttons.

ID: DE40729
Issue: Feedback options were not displaying correctly when scheduling a candidate review.
Resolution: All options are now displayed when scheduling a candidate review.

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