Surpass Known Issues

This article was last updated on 05/12/2019

About: This article documents any known issues in Surpass. There are currently no planned fixes for these issues, and there are existing workarounds. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, and it will continue to be updated. If you are aware of any other issues, or have any questions about the below, please contact the BTL Service Desk.

Known Defects

Issue ID: DE40345
Issue: Candidate names containing accented letters (e.g. Björn) uploaded via CSV import incorrectly.
Known Workaround: The CSV file must be UTF-8 encoded.
Discovery Date: September 2019

Issue ID: DE40152
Issue: The loading icon does not spin when users navigate within the 'Users' screen when using IE11 or IE Edge.
Known Workaround: Wait for the page to load (alternatively, use another supported browser).
Discovery Date: August 2019

Issue ID: DE39604
Issue: Selecting a large number of centres to add to a user in 'Setup' takes longer in IE browsers to respond than in other supported browsers.
Known Workaround: Wait for all centres to be selected (alternatively, use another supported browser).
Discovery Date: August 2019

Issue ID: DE41664
Issue: Audio Capture recordings can be compromised if a test is taken using a machine with a low specification, or if CPU usage is at 100%.
Known Workaround: Ensure machines adhere to the minimum recommended specifications advised in the ‘SecureClient: System Requirements’ article.
Discovery Date: December 2019

Other Issues

Issue: Cloning test forms does not clone associated test profiles.
Known Workaround: Manually select the associated test profile for the cloned test form.
Discovery Date: May 2019

Issue: Users with 'Rescoring' permissions for a subject can create rescoring events for that subject across all centres it is associated with, even if they only have access to one centre.
Known Workaround: It is expected behaviour that users can create rescoring events for subjects across all associated centres.
Discovery Date: November 2019

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