How to add checkboxes to make items accessible

How to add checkboxes to Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Either/Or items

You can add checkboxes to MRQ, MCQ, and Either/Or items to make them compatible with a JAWS screen reader in HTML Web and SecureClient delivery. This makes these items accessible. To add checkboxes to your items, you must enable the setting on the subject as well as adding it to a test profile. This test profile can then be added to a test so that checkboxes display on your items in delivery.

1. Enable the checkbox setting on a test profile

Go to ‘Test Profiles’ from the ‘Test Creation’ screen.

Select ‘Create New Profile’ or edit an existing test profile.

Navigate to ‘Delivery Presentation’. Then go to ‘Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Either/Or Options’.

Select ‘Show’ on ‘Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Either/Or Options’ to enable checkboxes in delivery . Select ‘Hide’ to disable check boxes in delivery.

After you have applied checkboxes to your profile, select ‘Save Changes’. 

Important: Enabling and disabling checkboxes can alter the format of items delivered in SecureClient.

2. Enable the checkbox setting in Setup

Navigate to the ‘Subject’ screen in ‘Setup’.

Find the subject which you want to deliver items with checkboxes in, or select ‘Create New Subject’. 

In the ‘Edit Subject Details’ dialog, expand the dialog by selecting ‘More Options’.

Select ‘Enable checkboxes in Item Authoring’ to enable checkboxes on your items in delivery. 

3. Apply the test profile to your test

Now that you have created a test profile and enabled checkboxes in the subject, you can apply the settings to your test for delivery. 

In the same subject where you enabled checkboxes, create a new test or edit an existing test. 

On the ‘Test Profile’ tab, select the profile where you enabled checkboxes.

Select ‘OK’ to save your changes.

Now when you schedule the test you edited or created, checkboxes will be displayed in delivery on Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Either/Or items.

Note: This setting is for HTML delivery only.

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