SecureMarker 2.22 Release Information (November 2020)

These are the fixes applied to SecureMarker in 2.22.

Note: You may not be able to use these features if you are not on this version of SecureMarker. Please check the version of your instance.

Notice: This is the last SecureMarker Release Notes article to be hosted on this Knowledge Base. SecureMarker Release Notes have been replaced by the SecureMarker Changelog on the Surpass Help Site, where you can find information for all releases both prior to and following 2.22.


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Resolved Issues

ID: DE19057
Issue: When columns were resized in the 'Script Review' screen, they changed back to the default size as soon as users navigated away from the screen.
Resolution: Resized columns do not return to the default size when navigating away from the 'Script Review' screen.

ID: DE27828
Issue: If a candidate didn’t view an item in delivery, then the marked metadata for the item did not display in SecureMarker.
Resolution: Marked metadata now displays in SecureMarker whether a candidate viewed an item or not.

ID: DE17265
Issue: If daily competency rules were changed after an examiner had been suspended, then the same suspended examiner could resume marking.
Resolution: Now if competency rules are changes after an examiner has been suspended, the examiner remains suspended.


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