Questions to Assess Analysis

Here are some tips to consider when testing Bloom's learning objective, Analysis (Bloom and Krathwohl, 1956.) 

Example: Question without a memory aid: What is a quarter of 80? Question with a memory aid: Charles went to the shop to buy some sweets. He had 80 pence to buy sweets with. He chose his sweets and went to the till. The sweets came to a total of 20 pence. Which fraction accurately represents how much money Charles spent on sweets?

  • It is best to present the student with a visual aid or/and a Memory Aid  to support the question. (This is recommended for all learning objectives and all question types but is particularly prevalent to test a student’s analytical skills.)
  • In the case of analysis, the student will now be required to break up the material into its’ component parts and understand the relationships between these parts; this means that a clear presentation of the relevant material needs to be given in the question.
  • It is at this stage when essay questions question may become more necessary if you are asking a student to appraise, debate or explain some material.
  • Analysis as a learning objective generally requires a more extensive discussion of the studied material and therefore, whilst short answer questions will still be relevant, it will be difficult to allow the student to demonstrate sufficient analytical skills in a multiple choice question. (It is possible to assess all learning objectives with Multiple Choice questions but not always recommended.)

Suggested Question Types

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