Questions to Assess Application

Here are some tips to consider when testing Bloom’s learning objective, Application (Bloom and Krathwohl, 1956.) 

  • When creating a question to assess application you will require them to apply their knowledge of a subject to new or foreign material. This may be in the case of theories, rules, laws, methods etc.
  • For this reason you need to present the student with a question which clearly highlights the new material and allows them the means to demonstrate strong application of the material
  • The use of visual aids and memory aids when creating these questions are very important.
  • As many application questions involve theories, laws and calculations – you may find that multiple choice questions are a useful question type, as generally the correct answer can be determined with correct application of the material.
  • If you require the student to apply, employ or solve some information – multiple choice or short answer questions may be the most effective question type to use to convey this information.
  • If you wish for the student to demonstrate application of knowledge or employ a theory onto new information then an essay question could be more appropriate to allow the student to fully show the learning objective as required. 

Suggested Question Types

Note: The purpose of these articles is to provide you with general advice in the fields of assessment and testing. These articles are not intended to replace any regulations or instructions provided by your organisation, but may be used in conjunction with these materials to support the assessment process.

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