Questions to Assess Evaluation

Here are some tips to consider when testing Bloom’s learning objective, Evalutation 
(Bloom and Krathwohl, 1956.

  • When assessing evaluation as a learning objective it needs to be considered that to answer this question the student will need to be able to reach all of the five previous learning objectives. (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis and Synthesis.)
  •  In order to write a question assessing evaluation you will need to present both the source material and a criterion for the student to judge it by, or give them the means to use the material against their own criteria. 
  •  When asking a student to evaluate information you will be using action verbs such as defend, conclude, appraise and argue. As a result of this, similarly to synthesis, it would be beneficial to the student (and to the outcome of the learning objective) to present the information as an essay question type.
  •  In the case of evaluation, this learning outcome does lend itself to opinion, personal judgement and numerous other factors and therefore it is recommended that you choose essay question types over short answer or multiple choice to give the students means to express this more subjective learning objective.

 Suggested Question Types

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