Creating a Formative Assessment

About: Although a formative assessment does not contribute to a student’s final mark in their course, the formative is designed to prepare the student for the summative assessment. Formative assessments serve as part of the learning experience for candidates, so it is recommended to mimic the content and the conditions of the summative assessment as closely as possible, so the student can see what they are to expect when the time arrives to take the summative assessment.

Here are some of the features you may find useful when creating a formative assessment in Surpass:

Adding Learning Outcomes

You may wish to set up learning outcomes for your test – if you enable end of test feedback, students will then be able to see what marks they have achieved for computer marked items by the learning outcomes. This is useful for giving students immediate feedback regarding which areas they have done well in, and which need improvement.   You can set up learning outcomes for your subject in the Setup section, by selecting your subject then selecting ‘Edit’ to add learning outcomes, units and keywords. You can then select a learning outcome within that subject to add to a question in the ‘Edit item settings and tags’ section of Item Authoring. You can add up to 16 learning outcomes to an item in Surpass. 
Information Pages

If your formative test has been designed more for a classroom situation than to mimic exam conditions, you may wish to include some information pages to provide helpful hints to the students as reminders of things they’ll need to consider for that topic. You can set up information pages in Item Authoring.

Annotation Settings

For a formative assessment, you may wish to enable annotation settings so that the candidate can receive in depth feedback after the test has been marked.   To enable annotation settings, when creating or editing a test form, select ‘Annotation Settings’ in the Test Form Details tab.

Setting up Feedback

As the purpose of the formative assessment is to provide constructive feedback to students as to where they need to make improvements in their work, you may wish to enable feedback options so the candidate can view information at the end of their test, including whether they have passed or failed, the percentage or mark they attained, and feedback by learning outcomes as mentioned earlier.

The kind of feedback you set up should reflect any criteria outlined in a rubric to the students, so they can compare their performance with these criteria and see what needs to be worked on.   You can set up feedback in the Test Form Details tab when creating or editing a test form.

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