Functional Testing: Test Administration

The purpose of this particular guide is to offer help and guidance for checking your test throughout the creation and administration procedure. This includes checking content created in Item Authoring, creating a clone of a test to schedule and sit yourself in Test Creation and Test Administration, and running functionality tests on computers in preparation for e-assessment.

It is of vital importance that tests are sufficiently monitored and checked throughout the creation and administration process. Thorough functionality testing is an invaluable part of the delivery of on-screen tests; it helps to avoid the occurrence of problems when creating and delivering tests, leading to a smooth test delivery and a better candidate experience.

This document acts as a guidance procedure only – there may be other processes that need to take place before a test can be judged as ready for a live exam session. 

Test Administration

In Test Administration, clone tests may be scheduled to be taken by a Surpass user with the Schedule Tests permission.

Whilst taking the test you should pay attention to spelling and grammar, and check that all tools, buttons and hotspots are functioning correctly.   

Note: The purpose of these articles is to provide you with general advice in the fields of assessment and testing. These articles are not intended to replace any regulations or instructions provided by your organisation, but may be used in conjunction with these materials to support the assessment process.

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