Functional Testing Checklist

The list below summarises a core checklist you can use for functional testing in e-assessment. 

  • In Preview mode, interact with the question to check that it functions as expected
  • Whilst still in Preview mode, check the marking of auto-marked questions functions correctly
  • Check all advanced question types on minimum specification computers – this will help to avoid performance issues on candidate PCs
  • Use the Task Manager when testing advanced question types to check for any memory leaks or over-usage of CPU. To check for a memory leak, after you navigate to a page containing an advanced question type, look at the memory usage to check that it is not consistently growing without stopping while the page with the advanced question type is open. To check for over-usage of CPU, monitor the CPU whilst navigating to and from the question in the delivery engine, and after interacting with the advanced question type. In both instances, the CPU should not be consistently high.
  • Use a clone test to check there are no errors or functionality issues, that marks have been assigned correctly, that all tools, buttons and hotspots are working correctly.

Note: The purpose of these articles is to provide you with general advice in the fields of assessment and testing. These articles are not intended to replace any regulations or instructions provided by your organisation, but may be used in conjunction with these materials to support the assessment process.

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