Invigilators Preparing for the Test

Invigilator Preparation and Familiarisation

There are some actions that an invigilator should take if they are to be involved in the delivery of an on-screen test to ensure that they are personally prepared, and have all of the skills and information that they will need. An invigilator should ensure that they:

  • Have familiarised themselves with the test delivery engine from a candidate’s perspective: this should ideally involve taking a practice or familiarisation test, in order to ensure that the invigilator can answer any questions from candidates regarding how the delivery engine works or how to navigate between screens etc.
  • Have familiarised themselves with the Invigilate tab of Test Administration (if this will be used during the test), so that they can access all of the information and use all of the tools.
  • Know whether the test is to be unlocked via the Invigilate tab or unlocked by PIN. Where a PIN will be set, the invigilator should know how the PIN will be communicated to candidates, e.g. communicated verbally or written on a whiteboard.
  • Know what to do in the event of a technical problem
  • Know who to contact (and how this contact can be reached) in the event of a technical problem that cannot be resolved.
  • Know if any breaks are scheduled to happen during the test and the arrangements for these breaks.
  • Know what to do in the event of an emergency or severe disruption.

For more information on these processes, please see the other articles on Invigilation.

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