How to Use the 'Invigilate' tab in Test Administration

The Invigilate tab in Test Administration is the central hub for controlling and monitoring the delivery of tests. It contains the details of all the candidates taking a scheduled test, the tools the invigilator needs to control the test and it allows the invigilator to track the progress of tests once they have begun. You should use the following information to familiarise yourself with using the Invigilate tab in advance of the test session, as well as for reference during the test session.

Selecting a Test

To select a particular candidate’s test, simply click on the relevant row in the table to highlight it. You can also use ‘Ctrl’ + click to highlight multiple candidates, or you can press the ‘Select All in Page button’ to select all of the candidates showing for the current test session.

Filtering Tests

The Invigilate screen has, by default, some basic searching and filtering options available. By default, only the invigilated tests that are associated with your user will be shown. You can also use the tick-box to show only tests that are scheduled to take place on the current day or tests which have been previously invigilated. In addition to this, you may need to access more specific information. For example, if the Invigilate screen is showing more tests than you currently need to see, or if you need to take an action with a single candidate’s test, you might need to perform a more complex search. You can access more search and filtering options by selecting the arrow by the column name you wish to filter your results by and either typing the required information in a text box or by selecting from either a drop down box or check boxes with filter options.  

You can choose to sort your results by:
  • State
  • PIN
  • Test Name
  • Keycode
  • Centre Name
  • Subject
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Candidate
  • Candidate Reference
  • Invigilated (Y/N)
  • Duration

Once you have selected and specified your filter specifications, the results of your search will then be shown in the table. You can also clear the filters at any time by clicking the ‘Reset Filters’ button to clear the search.

Test State

At the top of the screen there is a key which shows all the symbols that might be shown in the State column. Whenever the test state changes, a different symbol will appear in the column. So, for example, when the test window opens, the symbol in the State column would move from ‘Locked’ to ‘Ready’. By monitoring the state of all the tests, you can monitor the progress of candidates throughout the test and see, for example, if they have been disconnected. You can also use this information to see when all candidates have finished the test.

Screen Hibernation

The information in the Invigilate tab automatically refreshes every 15 seconds. This is to check for any updates to the information. The screen may fade out for an instant when this update occurs, resulting in a slight ‘flashing’ effect. Furthermore, if no updates are detected for a prolonged period of time and the screen is left open but not used; the screen will go into hibernation. When this happens, a refresh button will appear in the centre of the screen. The rest of the screen will be greyed out and you will not be able to access any of the controls.  Click the ‘Refresh’ button to bring the screen out of hibernation and update information in the table.

Remember: If the screen goes into hibernation during a test, you must use the refresh button to update the screen. In hibernation mode, no changes to the state of a test will be shown, so you will not see if, for example, a candidate becomes disconnected until you press the ‘Refresh’ button.

Control Buttons

In the bottom right corner of the Invigilate screen you will see the Invigilation Control Buttons. Some of these will be greyed out depending on the state of the tests that are currently selected, for example, the ‘Modify Duration’ button will not be available for an test that is ‘In Progress’ or ‘Finished’, and the ‘Pause’ button will not be available for a test that is ‘Ready’ or ‘Finished’.

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For further information, visit the Invigilation section of the Surpass online Help.

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