How to Modify the Duration of a Test

You can use the Invigilate tab to edit the amount of time the candidate is given to complete the test and the amount of break time a candidate receives (should breaks be set up for the test). This may be useful if, due to exceptional circumstances, the candidate needs to be allowed extra time to complete the test (for example, in the case of personal injury).

Note: You will only be able to edit the duration of a candidate’s test if the test is still in the ‘Locked’ or ‘Ready’ state, and if time adjustments were permitted when the test was set up.

To edit the duration of a test, select the relevant candidate’s test from the table, and select the ‘Modify Duration’ button in the bottom left corner of the screen. You will then be able to extend the duration, and select a reason from the drop down button for making the change. The maximum time that a test can be extended by will have been predefined. If you select the ‘Other’ reason you will have to enter an explanation in an automated text box which will show upon selecting this option.

If a candidate has already had the reasonable adjustments option ticked for them, then any reasonable adjustments specified in Test Creation will be added automatically for that candidate when a test is scheduled for them. 

You are also able to edit the breaks duration for a candidate. For scheduled breaks, you can apply additional break time. This can either be set in minutes, or as a percentage of the standard break allowance. This break time is added proportionally by section. Read the articles on pooled time breaks and fixed time breaks, for more information on scheduled breaks.

For unscheduled breaks, as well as applying additional breaks duration, you can allow the candidate to have additional breaks per section. Read the article on setting up unscheduled breaks information Once you have applied breaks adjustments, you must select a reason for doing so.

Once you have entered the information and clicked ‘OK’, you will see the new time in the 'Duration' column of the 'Invigilate' table.

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For further information, visit the Invigilation section of the Surpass online Help.

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