Creating an Invigilation Pack

Printing an Invigilation Pack

An Invigilation Pack is a collection of documents that can be generated and printed from within the Surpass system. The pack can be used to provide the Invigilator and the candidate with useful information about the test.

Good Practice Tip: Although an Invigilation Pack can also be created in the Schedule tab of Test Administration, this information is subject to changes/alterations/additions etc. Therefore, it is recommended that Invigilation Packs are printed from information held at the Invigilation stage, so that they contain the most up to date information possible.

An Invigilation Pack can include any or all of the following documents:
  • Attendance Register – Contains the details of a particular test, as well as the individual details of the candidates scheduled to take that test, including name, candidate reference, and keycode. Can also be used to record details of which candidates were present at the test.
  • Invigilation Report – Contains the details of the test session, as well as subject-specific confirmation text; for the invigilator to confirm that the test session was completed according to institution regulations; this also includes space to record details of any incidents or disturbances.
  • Keycode Slips – Contains details of each candidate and the test they are taking, as well as their unique keycode. Should be issued to candidates for them to refer to in the test.

Creating an Invigilation Pack

To generate any or all of the documents described above, go to Invigilate Screen of Test Administration, and select the ‘Print Invigilation Pack’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen.Clicking this button will launch the ‘Print Invigilation Pack’ window, which will allow you to choose one of two options:

Create Invigilation Pack using selected tests


Create Invigilation Pack using the wizard.

Create an Invigilation Pack Using the Wizard

If you opt to create an Invigilation Pack using the Wizard, you will be able to select the precise information that you want to include, from all the information that is available for you.
As you progress through each of the screens of the Wizard you can select from the available:
  • Centres
  • Subjects
  • Tests
  • Dates and Times
  • Candidates

Once you have selected the test session and candidates that you want to print information about, you can also choose which of the documents you want to be included in the Invigilation Pack.You can then press ‘Finish’ to open a ‘Print’ window that allows you to choose where to send the documents for printing.

Create an Invigilation Pack Using Selected Tests

In order to create an Invigilation Pack directly from selected tests you must first select from the table the candidates that you want to include. You can then select the ‘Print Invigilation Pack’ button, followed by the ‘Create Invigilation Pack using the selected tests’ option.

Note: This option will only be available if at least one test has been selected from the table in the Invigilation screen; if no tests have been selected, the Wizard will launch automatically when you press the ‘Print Invigilation Pack’ button.

A window will then launch allowing you to select which documents you want to include in the pack. Use the tick boxes to select the documents you need, then press ‘Finish’ to print the pack.

Note: The candidate’s tests that you select must all be from the same test. If you select multiple candidates who are sitting different tests, you will see an error message, and will only be able to generate the keycode slips.

You can choose to create one keycode per page or multiple keycodes per page by selecting the button to the left of your preference. 

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For more information, visit the Invigilation section of the Surpass online Help.

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