Starting the Test

Accessing the Delivery Engine

For any test delivered through Surpass, either via a browser delivery or through SecureClient, the invigilator’s first step should be ensuring that that the delivery engine is running. This will involve either:

Opening the browser and navigating to the correct URL


Launching the SecureClient application that has been installed on the computer.

Good Practice Tip: This stage is usually completed by the invigilator in advance of candidates entering the room, but, under certain circumstances, may need to be done by the candidate themselves. If this is the case, candidates should be provided with instructions on how to launch the delivery engine, and the invigilator should check that everyone can see the Keycode Entry Screen before continuing.

Keycode Entry Screen

Once the candidate has accessed the delivery engine, they will see the Keycode Entry Screen. This is where they enter the unique code that identifies the candidate and the particular test they are sitting. 
The candidates’ keycodes are printed on the keycode Slips, which can be printed as part of the Invigilation Pack.

Good Practice Tip: If a candidate’s slip is lost, all of the codes are also printed on the Attendance Register, or can be viewed in the Invigilate tab of Test Administration.

The screen that the candidate sees will vary slightly depending on whether the test is delivered through a browser, or through SecureClient. The candidate should enter the keycode into the box, then press ‘OK’ to continue.

Colour Preferences

At this time, the invigilator may want to point out the ‘Preferences’ button to the candidates. The ‘Preferences’ button is used to alter the colour settings. Pressing this button will open a window from which the candidate can choose the colour scheme which is easiest for them to use. Each colour choice is shown as it will appear if selected. The candidate can simply click the colour scheme that they wish to see, and the delivery engine will automatically change. This feature will be particularly pertinent to those with colour blindness or dyslexia. Pressing the ‘Close’ button will close the Preferences window without making any changes.

Good Practice Tip: The ‘Preferences’ button will be available throughout the test, so the candidate can alter their colour scheme, or return to the default, at any point during the test.

Confirm Details Screen

Once the candidate has entered their Keycode, and pressed the ‘OK’ button, they will see the ‘Confirm Details' screen. This is where the candidate’s personal identification details are listed, including their name, date of birth, Candidate Reference and the name of the test they are taking. Candidates should check that all details are correct before they select the ‘Confirm’ button.

In some cases, there may be additional confirmation text that the candidate must accept. This confirmation text will likely be a disclaimer provided by the Institution that the candidate must acknowledge by clicking the tick-box, before they can continue the test.

Standard or Accessible Mode

In some circumstances, the candidate will see a further option screen after they have confirmed their details. If the test has been certified as ‘Accessible’, candidates will be presented with the option to run the test in an ‘Accessible Mode’.

If the candidate will be using JAWS screen reader, they should select the ‘Accessible Mode’. If a candidate is not using the screen reader, they should select ‘Standard Mode’ to run the test as normal. 

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