How to Unlock a Test

Unlocking the Test

Once the candidates have entered their keycode and confirmed their details, they will see a screen demonstrating that the test is locked. Locking allows the invigilator to control when the test will begin. The test will be locked in one of two ways, depending on what was chosen when the test was set up; the test will either be ‘Locked by PIN’ or ‘Locked by Invigilator’.  

The candidate will see one of the two messages shown in the below sections on their screen, and they will be unable to proceed further, until the invigilator unlocks the test.   If you need to use a PIN for a test which is set to be unlocked by invigilator, or vice versa, you can use the ‘Set PIN’ or ‘Remove PIN’ buttons to switch to the other method of unlocking.

Note: You need to highlight all the tests in a session in order to change the unlocking method for that test. If only one test is highlighted, you will only be able to change the unlocking method of the selected candidate’s test.

Unlocking via Invigilation

Unlocking a test that has been ‘Locked by Invigilator’ is done in the Invigilate tab of Test Administration, so the invigilator must have access to a computer with a connection to Surpass present.

If the candidate is sitting a test that has been set to be manually unlocked by the invigilator they will see a window before they start their test.

To unlock the test, the invigilator must ensure that all of the necessary tests are highlighted in the Invigilate tab. This can be done either using the ‘Select All in Page’ button, or by using ‘Ctlr’ + click to select individual candidates.

Once the correct tests have been selected, the invigilator can press the ‘Unlock’ button. At this point, all of the selected tests will be unlocked, and the candidates will be able to begin the test.

Unlocking by PIN

Unlocking by PIN has the advantage of allowing invigilators to unlock each candidate’s test simultaneously without any need for computer (or internet) access. This is particularly useful when, for example, there is no spare computer available for the invigilator to use as a Control Centre, or when tests are being completed offline for submission at a later time.

If the candidate is sitting a test that has been set to be unlocked by PIN, the candidate will need to be issued with the PIN so that they can enter it into the box on the screen. Candidates should then press ‘Enter’ to access the test.

Good Practice Tip:The invigilator should be aware in advance of the test how the PIN is to be communicated to candidates. For example, the PIN might be announced verbally, or written on a board in the test room.

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For further information, visit the Invigilation page in the Surpass Help.

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