Using Invigilation Functions During the Test

Once the test has been unlocked, the candidate will be able to start their test. The invigilator should then see that the symbol in the State column of the Invigilation table has changed to the ‘In Progress’ symbol. 

Test Timer

For all timed tests, the candidate will see a test timer on their screen. The test timer may not start as soon as the test is unlocked. If the test contains any introductory material, the test timer will not start until the candidate navigates to the first question page. If at any point the test is suspended (i.e. if the test is paused or the test becomes disconnected), the timer will freeze until the test is resumed.

Good Practice Tip: When planning an on-screen test session, take into account that candidates might not all finish their tests at the same time. The time at which they finished the test will depend on, for example, how quickly they navigated to the first question page or whether the test was paused or disconnected at any point


There are controls in the Invigilate tab which allow the invigilator to temporarily pause any test which has a connection to Surpass. These controls can be used to start or stop the timer of a test at any point, allowing the invigilator to control the beginning and end of both planned and unplanned breaks.

Using the pause function means that the test will be temporarily suspended until the invigilator restarts the test. Candidates will not lose any of the answers that they have previously submitted, and when the test is restarted, each candidate’s test timer will continue from the point at which it was stopped. These controls can be used for planned breaks (i.e. rest breaks) or for unplanned breaks, when a test needs to be temporarily paused due to an external disruption.

Using the Pause/Resume Buttons

Tests can be temporarily stopped and started using the ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ controls in the Invigilate Tab. To do this, first ensure that all affected Candidates are selected. This can be done either by selecting the relevant candidates from the list (hold ‘Ctrl’ whilst clicking to select more than one candidate) or by using the ‘Select All in Page’ button to select all the candidates in a session. Once the correct tests are selected, press the ‘Pause’ button to temporarily stop the test. The selected tests should then show the ‘Paused’ symbol in the State column. 

The candidate’s screen will then show the following message: Test is paused. Please wait for your invigilator to resume the test.

When the candidates are ready to restart the test, the invigilator should ensure all the relevant tests are selected, then press the ‘Resume’ button to restart the test timer.

Note: The ‘Resume’ button will be greyed out unless the test is paused.

The State column of the Invigilate tab should then show the ‘In Progress’ symbol again.Once the invigilator has restarted the tests, candidates will be able to continue from the point they were at before the break.

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For further information, visit the Invigilation page of the Surpass Help.

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